Letters for Saturday – March 04, 2006

• Diligence paying off

• Grateful for medical care

• Skye Shimabukuro IS an all-star

• Has collar come in yet?

• Leave the Chief alone

Diligence paying off

I had submitted to this newspaper a letter outlining ideas for a moratorium on development on Kaua’i several weeks ago.

I diligently gathered information, educated myself on the two Wailua projects and testified on them when I was the only one in the room.

Now, that diligence has paid off. There are several hundred individuals paying attention to what is occurring with these developments. That’s terrific.

At the end of the Feb. 27th meeting, commissioner Chaffin asked what they could do to draft out a moratorium suggestion to the council.

I had already done that, and submitted it to the planning commission.

I have asked that that letter be printed here in The Garden Island before the meeting of the 14th so that more people would be aware of it.

Further, the stand I will be taking at the next hearing in regards particularly to Coconut Plantation Villages application, is that they withdraw their application until such time as the timing for the project is better, and the road improvements have begun, or that they agree in writing and under formal conditions imposed by the planning commission upon them to complete all infrastructure before they commence with the bricks and mortar of the resort buildings. One can expect that the pulling of the application, and its withdrawal will require the developer to wait until they can come up with a more palatable plan, or to do the infrastructure first. Both would hold up the development, but both of these courses of action would also address the needs of the community.

I am interested to see if this letter gets printed. If it does, mahalo, if it doesn’t, well better luck next time for me then.

  • Anne M Punohu

Grateful for medical care

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful care I received at Wilcox Memorial Hospital while I was visiting Kaua’i in February.

I was admitted to the Emergency Room and ICU and had to have a pacemaker installed a few days later. The doctors and nurses were extremely competent, quickly diagnosed my medical problem and I was given the best possible medical care. My husband and I were treated with the utmost respect and courtesy.

I know the residents of Kaua’i are extremely proud of this excellent medical facility. You are fortunate to have such superb medical care available to you on Kaua’i.

Mahalo to all the wonderful people of Kaua’i. We enjoyed our visit very much and hope to return soon. Everyone we met was so friendly and helpful. The ALOHA SPIRT is alive and well in Kaua’i.

  • Molly Allen
    Mesa, Ariz.

Skye Shimabukuro IS an all-star

As a part-time resident of the island and a huge fan of soccer I was shocked to find out Skye Shimabukuro (Kaua’i) was left off of the KIF Girls Soccer All-Star team.

FACT: Skye was moved up from the junior varsity level to the varsity level.

FACT: After Skye joins the varsity team, Kauai High’s fortunes take a turn for the better.

FACT: Skye played a huge role in the final championship game against Kapa’a.

FACT: Skye is the only KIF player named to the 2006 HHSAA Girls Soccer All-Tournament team

FACT: The KIF coaches determine the KIF All-Star team.

I understand trying to figure out who is the better soccer player can be a subjective decision but Skye’s performance throughout the season is very loud and clear and speaks for itself. For Skye to be left out leads me to conclude that the selection process is flawed and the KIF must re-evaluate their selection process so this will never happen to anyone else again.

To Skye, you did one heck of a good job! You, your parents and every soccer fan out there knows what you accomplished. The facts do not lie and speak for themselves. Hold your head up high and let your performance do your talking. In a few years let’s see whose door the college recruiters will coming knocking on!

  • Peter Donovan
    Santa Monica, Calif.

Has collar come in yet?

An open letter to the Hawaii State Dept. of Transportation AND the Kauai County Dept of Public Works:

On Kuhio Hwy. (state highway), directly across from the Kapaa Fire Station, in front of the Kapaa Missionary Church is a storm grate (Dept of Public Works) that is 2 to 3 inches below grade. 10,000 plus cars hit that dip everyday!

Just after hurricane Iniki a letter appeared in the Ask Georgia column of this newspaper and Ms. Georgia Mossman informed us then (1993) from one of the zillion government agencies, that a special collar had been ordered for this drain/grate and would be installed as soon as it arrived. I was just wondering if that back-order had come in yet (13 years later)? I do understand that this drain is in a hidden, out-of-the way location and I’m certain that no employee of a department that might in some way be responsible for it has ever driven across it, hence the reason for this inquiry.

  • Ron Fleet

Leave the Chief alone

You are completely, 100right on target, Fred von Wiegen — “Council Should Have Acted Swiftly” — Forum 3/2/06.

It is sad that Commissioner Gonsalves didn’t voluntarily step down and save a lot of turmoil and cost to the tax payers. I heard a lot of complimentary remarks about Mr. Gonsalves, how he worked with our youths and community and I applaud him for his efforts. But his racial slur (in totality) and his further prejudice against Chief Lum — who by all indications the public staunchly supports — is inexcusable and this entire ugly episode can have no beneficial effect for anyone.

The other inexcusable factor in this mess is the way our Mayor mishandled it. He rightly asked the Council to remove Commissioner Gonsalves BUT he then pulls a giant flip-flop and joins the fishing expedition to get our Chief fired! He even goes over the top by sending letters to the Police Commission and to KPD employees saying, amongst other things, “After great reflection, I am asking the Police Commission to remove K.C. Lum from the position of the Chief of Police and begin a search for a replacement as soon as possible.” He then goes on with a laundry list of negatives about our Chief specifically saying, “(1) I do not believe Chief Lum has the leadership and communication skills necessary to reunite the department and (2) I do not believe the Chief has the necessary communication skills to effectively operate the department internally or externally.”

Wow, were the political winds really blowing that hard to get the Mayor to go from supporting the Chief to making him sound like the most incompetent person that 4 of 5 Police Commissioners chose for the job? And, it may not have been illegal for the Mayor to send official letters to the Commission and the KPD employees telling them why the Chief should be fired BUT there certainly must be an ethics problem for him to use his position of power in the bully pulpit to try to negatively influence his appointees and his employees to get rid of a man who is doing the job the people expect of him!!

Leave our Chief alone and let him and his officers do their jobs — the people support them.

  • Glenn Mickens

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