Letters for Saturday — February 25, 2006

• Iannucci’s position on chief

• Slur inexcusable

• Who will build the bridge?

• Bridge loss affects workers

• Keep foxes away from the henhouses

• Shocked by sale of ports

• Rhyme of the Times

Iannucci’s position on chief

I read with dismay Thursday’s editorial (The Garden Island, Forum page, Feb. 23) about the Police Commission which states, “The make-up of the commission as it now stands has Gonsalves and Tom Iannucci against Lum…”

To be clear, I have no personal knowledge of the respective positions of the other commissioners in this matter, but am a close personal friend of Commissioner Iannucci. This is a subject he is not willing to discuss in detail, other than to describe how difficult and complicated it is, and to express how he desires to see the outcome be in the best interests of our community and our police department.

Mr. Iannucci did not contact this newspaper’s editorial staff to inform them of his position regarding Chief Lum. Nor has he publicly voiced his position. Thus, the statement that he is “against Lum” is at best hearsay and irresponsible journalism, and is unfair to Mr. Iannucci. It also does a great disservice to our community by creating even more suspicion and apprehension over the Commission’s upcoming decision regarding Chief Lum.

Thus, such comments only serve to cast aspersions and doubt on Commissioner Iannucci’s vote, whatever that may be.

  • Craig Contrades

Slur inexcusable

The Garden Island’s Kaua’i Opinion on Feb. 23, is right on target. The integrity of our Government must be protected.

As a Chinese American, I believe the racial slur made by Leon Gonsalves was reprehensible. The Ethnic Chinese population is less that one-half of one percent. Indeed, we are a minority within a minority. The American Chinese do not have a block of vote to help any one politician. However, we are afforded equal protection under the law as mandated by our federal government.

If a similar slur were said against any other racial group, the results would have been different. Using the term ‘Hop Sing’ amounts to using the N word or referring to someone as ‘BOY.’ These terms are not acceptable, when generated by an agent of the County Government and then passed on by County computers.

We are at a crossroad, the integrity of the Kauai Police Commission and County Government should be protected; the right thing must be done. The County Council erred by not removing Commissioner Gonsalves when requested to do so by the mayor. Had the County Council made the right decision back then, the commission’s integrity would never have been in question. The County’s integrity was further eroded when the Mayor’s personal message regarding the police department and the removal of Chief Lum was placed in the envelopes of the County Employees’ paychecks.

Under no circumstances should the integrity of the Police Commission be compromised; Commissioner Gonsalves should not participate in this decision-making. The County Officials must not expose the taxpayers to any further liability.

  • Raymond Chuan

Who will build the bridge?

Well, we were all affected by the deluge of rain on Tuesday. Some of us were thrilled the ‘aina was receiving its thirsty portion, while others stayed home from work and school, not able to cross over flooded bridges.

One bridge (that I know about) in the Ko’olau Ahupua’a got washed out by the pressure from the stream that rose up about 8 to 10 feet high, mixed with huge bamboo thickets and other trees and rubble.

This letter is submitted because now this stream about 30 feet wide, needs a bridge, so the residents (all taxpayers) can return to a normal lifestyle.

Thankfully the bridge did not go out to sea, but lodged itself in the neighboring yard, not injuring a soul.

The dilemma? Well, whose responsibilty and jurisdiction does this fall in? The county or the state? This is an old government road. This has been their dilemma since the last time this stream needed a bridge (1997), and with kudos they (along with the Seabees) rose up above the politics and did what was pono for the people.

I call upon them to do a hana hou.

  • Ku’uleialoha Johnson

Bridge loss affects workers

Your front page photo of the washed out Moloa’a Stream bridge (The Garden Island, Feb. 24) obviously affects the numerous residents and is a major inconvience, but it also puts several local workmen and subcontractors out of work, that in turn affects their families. So instead of a dozen families being stranded try tripling that factor for lost wages and food on the table for the wormens families. The trickle pattern is just starting. Lets get a bridge back in there.

  • Robert Bentley

Keep foxes away from the henhouses

We cannot err on the side of any previous dealings with anyone. Our ports can only be safeguarded by American companies. At least this will “cut down” on any possible “sleeper cells” that are probably out there.

We cannot afford to risk ANYTHING at “This stage” of the war on terrorism; Bush’s ties to the Arabs are too “close;” thus, permitting room for error.

STOP this now by blocking his attempts to having the foxes guard the henhouses.

  • Atlee Austin-Taylor

Shocked by sale of ports

After watching the news on selling our ports and the security to UAE I am shocked that the American people will not say this is enough! How low can this administration sink by selling out our Homeland Security to an Arab country? I do not know how anyone could, with a sound mind defend this position. We have the most porous borders and very limited Port Security now. We should gradually withdraw from Iraq and spend more on Homeland Security. Let’s get our priorities right, America.

  • Clark Tyler

Rhyme of the Times

Seems like all the shibai started on Kaua’i so many years ago

“That tree-hugging, anti-development newspaper has really got to go,”

thought BC from his luxury car and dressed up to the nines.

Yes, the voice of business and developers will be the Kaua’i Times.

  • Kenneth Bigelow

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