Letters for Tuesday — February 14, 2006

• Path is about guaranteed access

• Rebutting the Super Bowl lie

• Attention, voters

Path is about guaranteed access

Dear Lokelani, if you keep the word “Bike” in the title Bike Path and fail to insert “Guaranteed Access” Path; then you may be missing the very real “point” (of no return). Look at the TARA property just past Anahola. Those owners are trying to deny all of us access to the ocean where Mayor Bryan claims we all have a right to; some wealthy property owners on Kaua’i deny beach/ocean access even with police arrests on our brave citizens.

The condo owners north of Wailua Beach are rallying right now to keep the “Guaranteed Access Path” and us commoners out of their back yard and off of the land that the people of Kaua’i actually own. I’m flabbergasted if you cannot see that since the east side of Kaua’i has lost both the sugar and pineapple plantations and jobs, that in the years since, more and more of the super wealthy are buying up the coastal ‘aina for what amounts to them to be “affordable housing” prices … while whole extended families, even whole neighborhoods, could not afford to buy those ‘aina as a hui; and some of the new property owners deny the common people access to the ocean (mountains too) in subtle and abrupt ways that could perpetuate the loss of our freedom to travel to pristine sanctuary nature places on the island … forever lost to all Kauaians.

How many wealthy homes are bought or newly built along the ocean right now and sit empty as wealthy owners merely add to their real estate TROPHIES and show pictures of Kaua’i from their real homes on the mainland; all the while the “born and raised” become homeless. The 4,500 mauka / makai Kealia acres bought a few years ago … was it for $7 million? … the For Sale makai side so financially untouchable it still sits almost empty. And the mauka side’s significant slice of this whole island lays fallow and fenced off, again while some of the common people are homeless. Just a 1/2 acre at Hanalei pier sold for the same $7 million … and the Kealia 4,500 acres are now and forever out of the reach of the “commoners.”

Real estate profit today is enormous, but the value that makes the profit is not made by brilliant realtors and lucky sellers … the value was made by the Creator who created this island and its ‘aina.

Lokelani, where do the people of this ‘aina fit in? Well it seems it won’t be along the ocean if you were in charge. The only broad ocean access the common people will have left in the generations to come will be this Guaranteed Access Path. I’m speaking of the future people who will “soon” be born here but none of us living here today will know them, generational evolution so rapid when one considers the real age of this ‘aina.

Tearing down the three bridges you mention is only to rebuild them back soon, larger, and safer enhancing boaters, fisher-people, walkers, and bikers’ access to and along the ocean. The life of an island is the ocean that bathes its shores. The edge of the island is what we all collectively own in perpetuity … edge forever … without erosion from the ocean or from the wealthy.

The whole island (leave the Na Pali as is) would do Kauaians well to have a belt of Guaranteed Access … call it a path, bikeway, stroll-zone, no matters. We need to say thanks to Mayors Kusaka and Baptiste for their astute far-reaching vision to protect the people and the hard work by people like Doug Haigh. While much of this modern world exists in crowded, polluted sorrow, we still live in a veritable paradise. Remember we are only a pinch smaller than O’ahu … and THEY ARE STILL COMING.

And do not ever forget … “Ua mau ke ea o ka ‘aina i ka pono” … The Life of the Land is Perpetuated by the Righteousness (of the People). How can the ‘aina be perpetuated by the people when so few of them with so much of the land … do not live here … or only visit.

Will our KEIKI sing Jobim’s song of our Creator’s lament one day … “Where is the Green … Where is the Blue … Where is the Paradise I Built for You?” (O’ahu … will be Kaua’i?)

  • Jay Trennoche

Rebutting the Super Bowl lie

Just when I thought it was safe to enjoy football and friends, the “Super Bowllie” was revived by a fellow medical professional.

In 1993, a group of women’s coalitions launched a national campaign claiming Super Bowl Sunday was the biggest day for domestic violence. This claim was heavily lobbied in national media and supported by the “watchdog” group FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting).

Ms. Lenore Walker, a Denver psychologist, claimed to have compiled a ten-year record showing an increase in violence against women on Super Bowl Sundays, but when pressed for details, she refused stating that the “data is not for public consumption,” then directed inquiries to a colleague who confessed that her claims had no basis.

After exhausting research, it was discovered that the representative from FAIR knew at the time of the original news conference that Ms. Kuehl, of the California Women’s Law Center, was “misrepresenting” research, but research by such coalitions often can’t be trusted because their minds are already made up, and they will skew the facts to mean

Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers in her book, “Who Stole Feminism,” traced this lie to its source to discover that it was factually wrong. Unfortunately, the “Super Bowllie” is widely accepted as true, and has been reproduced in textbooks.

I’m assuming by the Super Bowl party I attended this year, and the many I’ve attended before, that Super Bowl Sunday is as safe ever. I guess the real lesson is to not just trust women’s coalitions on their word, you have to analyze their so-called facts.

  • Gerald Nakata

Attention, voters

The council is suing and being sued…

There are several suits within the Police Department, and now the Police Chief is suing the Mayor and police commission.

Who is going to pay these legal costs and possible settlements??

The answer is simple: it will be the people of Kaua’i

Please remember this when you go to the polls in November.

Your hard-earned money is not improving roads, housing, and schools. It is going to all these lawsuits.

It is time for the people of Kaua’i to have their voices heard at the polls. VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT and get some responsible government in place.

The good old boy system is broken. FIX IT!! Stop electing the same people who are wasting your money.

  • Robert A. Nesti

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