Letters for Sunday – February 05, 2006

• Exercise your responsibilities

• Upset by ‘personal vendetta’

• Supports Chief Lum

• Crying wolf

• Chief Lum is doing a good job

• Presidency now a dictatorship

• Where’s the straight talk?

Exercise your responsibilities

I am perhaps being unfair as all the facts of the dispute between Chief Lum and SHOPO have not been made public. However, it is apparent that we have had more drug arrests since the current Chief has been on the job. This is something that encourages me to believe that things are going right as to policing on Kaua’i. What offends me is the reality that a public employee union accountable to no one other than its own membership exercises an option that should be left to the mayor or to the police commission. It is time that the public awakens to this ongoing travesty where the foxes appear to be guarding the hen house. Enough, citizens, it is time to exercise your responsibilities as to changing Hawaiian politics.

  • Monroe Richman

Upset by ‘personal vendetta’

Attn: Councilmember Rapozo

I was a strong supporter of you for election to the council as I considered you an honest and hard-working member of our community and a person who would continue to make improvements for the people.

Recently however, I have come to the conclusion that your actions against Chief Lum are tainted by your previous history with the Kaua’i Police Department. It is so obvious to see that you are completely against the chief and have a personal vendetta to have him removed from office.

You seem to be totally oblivious to reasonable thought where the chief is concerned, yet you continue to back Commissioner Gonsalves after the Mayor requested you remove him from office following his racial slurs against the chief.

This is an election year and I find that your continued biased actions against the chief will prevent me from voting to have you re-elected to the council. You are obviously thinking only of yourself and not for the betterment of the community.

  • Steven L. Ching

Supports Chief Lum

I was pleased to read that the mayor has asked for Chief Lum’s removal from office. It helped me to decide that I definitely will NOT be voting for Mayor Baptiste in the upcoming elections.

Chief Lum has implemented a forward-thinking plan for our Kauai Police Department which has produced excellent results. Sure it has upset a few of the ‘Old Regime but that is a fact of life. It is time to stand up and support Chief Lum, come on Kaua’i — and ‘JUST SAY NO TO CRIME.’

  • Geoffrey Culverhouse

Crying wolf

Regardless of which way you come down on the war in Iraq, the Bush administration has not dealt from the top of the deck when it comes down to costs. Before we went into Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld put the figure at about $50 billion, but told Congress that no one could be sure. This is what he said almost three years ago: “You don’t know if it’s going to last two days or two weeks or two months. It’s certainly not going to last two years, but it’s going to cost money.” They fired ol’ Larry Lindsey for guessing too high when he said it would cost $200 billion. Larry was not good with figures … he guessed way too low; we’ve already spent 440 BILLION dollars with more to come I’m sure.

Just to put this in perspective. Every hour, the US Military is spending over 6 million dollars, about $110,000 a minute, to fight the war in Iraq. What made me write was when I considered that each HOUR we spend more of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars in the faraway country of Iraq than the entire school system of Kauai needs for its 2006 repair and maintenance budget. I know we need to stop those terrorists and all, but my question is could we wrap things up at least an hour earlier so we could hang on to enough cash to fix our schools?

And ever notice how we get a message of how there’s an eminent attack “possible” at about the same time they ask for more money from Congress? “Wolf!”

  • John Patterson

Chief Lum is doing a good job

I am surprised at the flap and proposed removal of Chief Lum.

The Kaua’i Police Department under Chief Lum has increased drug enforcement that has not been seen in recent history.

During his time at the Hanalei District, he brought back trust to the department by meeting with the community and increasing drug enforcement that was missing.

Our community has benefited from his leadership.

Instead of trying to control the police department, the mayor and council should find an answer to the high real property taxes. Instead the council uses our tax dollars to sue the citizens who acted in good faith.

I find it weird that the one department that has improved in the county gets a black mark. What are our politicians hiding? Personal grudges? Protect the old boy network?

Chief Lum has brought the department forward and we need to let him continue to lead the police department in fairness and honesty.

  • Gordon Kenney

Presidency now a dictatorship

With the congressionally-authorized ongoing “war on terror” and the constitutionally-authorized power of “commander-in-chief,” the Office of President has become, in fact, a DICTATORSHIP with absolute power.

Among the things the president alone can dictate is (1) death for any individual anywhere in the world “suspected” of being an enemy, (2) killing of civilians in “enemy” countries, (3) suspension of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights, and (4) take-over of any activity in which Americans are engaged under cover of “national security.”

This is an unfettered presidential DICTATORSHIP in need of change that empowers the people to cut off funding and reclaim their freedom.

  • Triaka-Don Smith

Where’s the straight talk?

What happened to the “straight talk” promised by Governor Lingle?

In her State of the State speech on January 23, she criticized the Department of Education for not spending $550 million for school repairs.

Now it turns out that she is the one to blame for not releasing $213 million, with tens of millions about to expire this year.

The governor shouldn’t play political games with our children. I’m tired of seeing one broken promise after another. I expected more from a governor who promised to bring honest change to government.

Mahalo for this opportunity to express my feelings.

  • Helen Rauer

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