Letters for Saturday — January 28, 2006

• Fairy tales?

• Questions of origins revisited

• Making new choices

• Web poll

Fairy tales?

Mr. Mann’s attempt to explain away my wife’s letter to The Garden Island by purely materialistic processes gave me a really good laugh. One suggestion however. Fairy tales are supposed to begin with “Once upon a time.” Or if it is a fairy tale that is printed in our school science text books, it is supposed to begin with “Scientists believe.”

For our science textbook writers these two fairy tale beginnings may be used interchangeably. “Scientist’s belief” of the Oort cloud hypothesized for long-period comets are just such a fairy tale object in which there is absolutely no evidence that it even exists! Since it cannot be detected, the Oort cloud is not a scientific concept. This is not bad science, but non-science masquerading as science. This imaginary source for comets is just another example of evolutionists making it up as they go along in an attempt to explain away what we observe by purely materialistic processes. As well, you ignore the evidence of other planetary systems that have been found that are just the opposite of what you describe. Their extra solar planets have much larger masses than our gas-giant planets and they orbit much closer to their host stars. The evidence suggests that our solar system is quite unique. Your materialistic explanation is based purely on “faith” and they call intelligent design a “religion”?

However, for some real scientific facts that are not based on faith alone note the following: Proteins in all living things are made up of only left-handed amino acids ONLY as long as you and I are alive. Once we die our amino acids quickly revert back to a combination of both left- and right-handed amino acids. In fact if you were able to extract a container full of only left-handed amino acids and left it alone, it would also revert back to a combination of — both 50-percent left-handed and 50-percent right-handed amino acids. WHAT was present when we were alive that kept all of our amino acids left-handed that is not present when living things die? What or whom sustains our amino acids to remain in their left-handed form only while we live? Hmmm, now that’s a scientific fact to think about.

  • Peter R. Saker

Questions of origins revisited

Linda, most of your questions are good ones, and many have been addressed by scientists. Maybe you should read more scientific journals to seek the answers to your questions. Your belief is admirable, but your answers are religious not scientific. Of course science does not have all the answers, nor does religion.

But a lack of answers does not make science wrong or the inquiry misguided. If so then your religion is flawed for it has never answered (to my satisfaction) why my Christian brother died at age 24, or why children die of cancer and other terrible diseases, or why child molesters are not immediately sent directly to hell.

As to whether your video should be put on the shelves of the public library in the religious section I don’t know. If I were a librarian and I had room, I would thank you for the donation and place it in the appropriate spot. I certainly would not place it in the science section. I don’t think you are being censored, maybe just stiffed.

  • Paul Kelley

Making new choices

I am beginning to understand what Peter Antonson is saying. And I do believe that I need to reflect on my choices. Therefore I’m going to be for abortion on demand, I’m going to be for no killing of criminals no matter how heinous their crime.

I’m going to be for all of the following also: The environment. No more cutting down trees, no more using ATVs in off-road trips. No drilling for oil any place in the U.S. Absolutely no weed killers. No nuclear power plants. Nothing but high-mileage cars, and none that can go over 35mph.

Power windmills in every back yard, except the Kennedys’ of course, they need their view uninterrupted. No more profits for corporations, especially that terrible one that the vice president used to work for. Absolutely nothing even close to the “Patriot Act.”

I want only Supreme Court Justices like Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I’ll vote for Hillary, so that we can get universal health care. And we need more governors like the one in Louisiana and mayors like the one in New Orleans.

I certainly want women to be able to decide to use abortion whenever it fits their needs. I certainly don’t want “handcuffs” on teachers. They should be able to continue to teach however it fits their needs and their unions needs. In fact we need to give them all raises, say double their current salaries, no let’s triple them.

Oh, and the homeless, let’s build a house for every single one of them on government land and give them free health care on demand with house calls available if they aren’t able to drive to the health clinic. And by all means let’s be compassionate with low-income workers, we’ll give them a minimum wage of say $15 per hour, no, let’s make it $20 an hour. Just think how much more the union members will be making then. And last but not least, let’s make Walmart and other big employers pay all of the health care needed for all of their employees as well as their relatives. We want to show compassion for everyone.

Now as for security, no more security people at the airports, there really isn’t a problem with terrorists … that’s just another scare tactic. Oh yes, we need to give reparations to the Blacks, the American Indians and by all means to the Native Hawaiians, in fact let’s just give the Native Hawaiians all of Hawai’i.

Hmmm, I think I’m on the correct path now and Pete Antonson will be happy ’cause he has turned me around and into a compassionate person with aloha. I know that I’ve left something out. In order to be one with Bettejo Dux, I will insist that we drop all efforts in Iraq immediately and bring the troops home, in fact let’s take all of the border guards off of the U.S. border too.

  • Gordon “Doc” Smith

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