Intersections intersects H.S.F. Kaua‘i wave riders

The whole island had waves! Leading up to Saturday, one could find waves on the north, east, south and west side, with the exception of Kekaha at Intersections.

Then on Saturday, Jan. 21, like magic, on the morning of the Hawaiian Surfing Federation (H.S.F.) Kaua‘i contest #3 at Intersections, the wind blew offshore at dawn, and periodic sets that measured overhead on most of the surfers started rolling in, and the contest officials decided in unison to make it official.

The heat was on and this contest provided some surprises and some exceptional performances.

Kyle Ramey who is vying for a position along with Nathan Rex on the 18-and-under Hawai‘i world team, scored a perfect 10 in one of his heats.

Erika Steiner pulled into some barrels that dumped right onto shore, with her sandwiched between the lip and the sand crabs. Bear Bailey made a return to the surf circuit after being sidelined for months on end with a broken leg and in his debut of the season, captured a 3rd- and 4th-place finish in the junior men’s and open men’s divisions, respectively honoring him with the Surfco. Hawai‘i Surfer of the Contest award.

In the eight overall divisions that took place that day including two bodyboard divisions, the Smith family from Kilauea, namely Alex, Koa, and Travis, took all day and the long way home, toting five first-place trophies with them.

Now if parents Andy and Jill would have also had a girl in their clan, who knows just how many more trophies and hardware would be decorating their den.

The bodyboarders continued to pound the shore with Travis Smith returning from a stint on O‘ahu where the 12-year-old actually rode second reef at Pipeline.

Thus the waves at Intersections were a breeze for him and he boogied on home with two of those first-place trophies on his lap.

In the boys’ division, Koa Smith led the charge and picked up some ground on front-runner Dylan Goodale. Noa Howatt captured 3rd place followed by Kaioli Kahokuloa, Christian Graham, and Luke Hitchcock.

In the men’s division, Alex Smith moved up in the standings with a first-place finish followed by Daniel Rangel, Bear Bailey, Chris Foster, Dylan Goodale, and Kyle Ramey.

In the women’s division, some points were distributed to some surfers who are now making their presence felt. Malia Manuel captured first place, this after two second-place finishes to Alana Blanchard just a few weeks back on the Big Island where only .5 points separated them.

In this contest, however, Malia was determined to bring home the first-place trophy with Coral Gonsalves, Alana Blanchard, previous division leader Erika Steiner followed by her older sister Kristen Steiner and Camille Brady adding important points to their overall standings.

Our Kaua‘i menehune division has some real chargers. These young whippersnappers are the future of our island’s surf heritage and Kalen Galtes’ goofy foot approach captured the eyes of the judges while Kaioli Kahokuloa, followed by Christian Graham, Koa Smith, Luke Hitchcock (who never seems to fall) and Kaikea Elias, all proved their worth in some strong waves and some tricky currents. Nathan Rex continues to impress the judges with his strong vertical moves and quick recoveries after some steep angles with his board, and it earned him first place in the junior men’s division.

Keale Chung moved up in the standings with a 2nd place finish. twelve-year-old Daniel Bocater fought his way through some grueling heats, and fought with the toughest riders bringing home 3rd place while making his mom Dora most proud. He was followed by Bear Baily, Chris Enim and Dylan Melamed.

At the end of the surf season in the prestigious GIB 4A division, the four top riders will be able to surf in XCEL Pro at Sunset Beach so there is more than just bragging rights and cash for this pro-am division. Ruben Balmores and Dylan Melamed, who were previously ranked in the top four, went directly to the finals because they each captured first place, respectively.

Jeremy “Skizz” Doudt, a strong competitor and quick polished rider, surfed in his first Garden Island Brotherhood (GIB) meet of the year and he went straight to the final, leaving Alex Smith, Massajah Lani, and Kyle Ramey in a repo round where only one surfer would advance to the final four.

In that heat there were the most waves of any other heat all day, and the scores were continuous with points being racked up for aerials, air reverses, huge cutbacks, floaters and backside hits off the lip that sent spray 10 feet in the air and when all was said and done, Alex Smith not only advanced to the finals but also captured first place overall in the GIB final, followed by “Skizz,” Ruben Balmores, and Melamed.

In overall positioning, Alex is now leading the pack followed by Balmores and Melamed.

With “Skizz” breaking down some doors in his first GIB contest of the season, it seems that no place is secure with Ramey, Lani, Titus Kanehe, Dustin Barca, and Keale Chung all in the hunt and looking with some hungry eyes towards contest #4 at Kealia in March.

Andy Melamed is a longtime Hanalei resident and a strong advocate for youth surfing

H.S.F. Kaua‘i Contest #3


Surfco. Surfer Award: Bear Bailey

Menehune (11 & under)

1. Kalen Galtes

2. Kaioli Kahokuloa

3. Christian Graham

4. Koa Smith

5. Luke Hitchcock

6. Kaikea Elias

Juniors (15-17)

1. Nathan Rex

2. Keale Chung

3. Daniel Bocater

4. Bear Bailey

5. Chris Eniem

6. Dylan Melamed

Girls (17 & under)

1. Malia Manuel

2. Coral Gonzales

3. Alana Blanchard

4. Erika Steiner

5. Kristen Steiner

6. Camille Brady

Boys (12-14)

1. Koa Smith

2. Dylan Goodale

3. Noa Howatt

4. Kaioli Kahokuloa

5. Christian Graham

6. Luke Hitchcock

Jr. Bodyboard

1. Travis Smith

2. Etienne Trillo

3. Alan Hoffman

4. Nainoa Place

5. Nicholas Seymour

6. Michael Petro

Boys Bodyboard


1. Travis Smith

2. Koa Smith

3. Pohaku Kekuualua

4. Kele Hanohano

5. Bryce Beaver

6. Anabelle Marvin

Open Men

1. Alex Smith

2. Daniel Rangel

3. Bear Bailey

4. Chris Foster

5. Dylan Goodale

6. Kyle Ramey


1. Alex Smith $225

2. Jeremy Doudt $150

3. Ruben Balmores $75

4. Dylan Melamed $50


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