Letters for Saturday — January 21, 2006

• Stop the exploitation

• Self-Help Housing rebuttal

• No more debates!

• Audience behavior awful

Stop the exploitation

I would like to address an issue that no one seems willing to talk about. And that is the tremendous increase in the severity and frequency of the exploitation of men in the media by radical feminists. I call them “radical” because a true feminist would condemn all forms of exploitation, both male and female.

Ladies, a woman’s breast is not equivalent to a man’s genitals. And you don’t stop exploitation of your gender by exploiting the opposite sex with much greater severity and frequency. This only ensures that sooner or later men will demand that women be exploited to the same severity and frequency in the media.

How can we stop this roller coaster insanity? Well, if you are a true feminist and even if you are not, here are several things we can all do to stop this nonsense.

Number one: You and your family can start going to only PG- and G-rated movies. If you absolutely have to see R- and PG13-rated movies then rent the edited versions from the internet. They are just as entertaining without all “the stuff.”

Number two: Disconnect your cable service and tell your cable company that you and your family are tired of all the exploitation of both men and women that is in the media.

I guarantee you that once you start to affect their pocket books the media will take notice and clean up their act. Let’s start treating men and women as human beings that have been created in God’s image and likeness. And stop treating each other as sex objects.

  • Peter R. Saker

Self-Help Housing rebuttal

This is a rebuttal to the editorial dated 12/24/05 from Self-Help Housing Corporation of Hawaii director Claudia Shay.

First let me introduce myself before I get into deep details of what really went on at the Hanapepe Self Help Project. My name is Debra DeSilva-Carveiro, and I was a volunteer for my spouse at Hanapepe. I was on this project from the begining when we held our monthly meeting with the assistants of SHHCH. We went through three assistants before we finally had a permanent one. Going back to the statements that Ms. Shay claims, they are not accurate. Ms. Blair has never changed the construction of the home. Before we began to pour foundation for Ms. Blair’s home, she repeatedly asked the supervisor (Steven Dinnam) that we should have the surveyors come out to locate the pins. His reply to her questions was, “I have 33 years of experience and we don’t have to get the surveyors out here to locate these pins.”

That was the beginning of Ms. Blair’s nightmare. The foundation was laid wrong, and the house sits 3 feet off from where it should be. Ms. Blair’s efforts to reason with Ms. Shay, regarding the mess up came to a halt. Shay’s reply was just do what the supervisor tells you.

Ms. Blair and I put in more hours on this project than you could imagine. We worked seven days a week, eight to nine hours a day. We just wanted the project to move on so everyone could move into their homes. Then I was booted off the project because I voiced too many opinions and always complained about the other families not fulfilling their fair share. I also complained about the supervisor drinking on the job and bringing his little children to the project. Rules are rules and everyone should abide by them regardless if you are the supervisor. My feelings towards this whole idea is everyone should be monitored no matter how far up the chain you are. I have kept a detailed journal of this project and feel that if anyone out there has encountered problems in a self help project, speak up and be heard. The only way anything will change in the way it is being run, is by making a difference. There should be stricter guidelines, and more monitoring of the progress.

  • Debra DeSilva-Carveiro

No more debates!

On 11/10/2005’s letter to the editor, Bettejo Dux says “I’m a confused person” and “can we please put the Evolution vs. Creationism debate to rest.” But then on 1/8/2006 Dux, a self-employed farmer (according to the Honolulu Star Bulletin’s list of contributors to Howard Dean) wrote in again in response to William Rusher, a Distinguished Fellow of the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy.

Dux then went on to say that Mr. Rusher was basically wrong, not by refuting the statements he made but by bringing up a totally different argument. “Which religion would you teach?” This is an elementary argument and one that can’t possibly be used against the scientific validity of the intelligent design theory. Unfortunately, most people think ID teaches the religion of a specific god and say “Ha! Gotcha!” Does anyone actually read the scientific journals that scientists debate in? Does anyone actually try to learn the facts that they speak of? Or is this all just entertainment to you to see how many letters you can get published in the newspaper.

Intelligent Design is not about a specific god, or even a god at all. It merely raises the question of an intelligent “something.” It could be a rock, for all we know. Nowhere in an ID debate will someone mention Brahma or Allah or any other religion’s creator force … because it has nothing to do with the argument itself. Let me repeat, ID does not teach religion and has nothing to do with religion!

In Dux’s own words, let’s put this debate to rest. And if you must write in to the newspaper, at least bring up valid scientific arguments. Peace!

  • George Wright

Audience behavior awful

I would like to recognize the Kauai Concert Association for the wonderful selection of artists they have scheduled for this concert year. My husband and I try to attend all of the performances. However, something happened last Sunday night to put this participation into doubt. This is not a reflection on the guest performers, the Ernie Watts quartet (they were simply wonderful), but I am writing about the audience.

They played to a packed house and the response after each piece was enthusiastic. But right in the middle of their last presentation, groups of people got up and walked out. I am reasonably sure that it was not because they didn’t enjoy the show, but because they either wanted to be home in bed, were late for dinner, or wanted to beat the rush out of the parking lot. It happened during the piano solo and Mr. Watts watched as people exited the auditorium.

The quartet was given a standing ovation. But before the applause subsided and while the musicians were still taking their bows, at least half of the remaining audience headed for the doors. I understand that pianist David Witham was planning to play an encore but by then it was out of the question. It was so blatantly rude and many of us were extremely embarrassed. A young journalist from San Diego sitting behind us was embarrassed for us.

It must be pointed out that one of those that left early was a well known island musician who of all people should know better. One of the charms of Kaua’i is its provincialism but this is taking provincialism too far.

Mr. Watts is a two time Grammy winner and has been featured on more than 500 records. David Witham is a TV producer for Long Beach Community Television and he has performed with many all-time jazz greats. I hope Mr. Watts and company will forgive us and will come back another time. But if we see this happening again in the interim, we won’t be there to watch him.

  • Ada Koene

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