Letters for Friday — January 6, 2006

• Thanks for the lights

• A measure of success

• Who to vote for?

• Sees Kaua’i crying

• To Peter Saker and Glenn Mickens

• People need to wake up

• Hope nothing changes about Kaua’i

Thanks for the lights

We thank all the people that spent a multitude of hours decorating their homes and businesses for the Christmas season. Not only is it a time consuming task but we know the cost of just the electricity is quite astronomical. While we complain of our high energy bills, these people certainly put that thought aside and “lit up” our world with joy. It has been our family tradition to drive around a few evenings before Christmas Day. There were many places that had not only one house but the whole neighborhood with lights and animated characters. Some even had Santa and Mrs. Claus, taking time away from their busy schedule, to wave and chat with those out viewing. And we cannot leave out the beautiful job that Jose did at the County Building. Who says Christmas is for children … the displays truly bring out the child in all of us, young and old alike. A BIG Kaua’i Mahalo to all of you that went over and above for the enjoyment of the season.

  • Phil and Sandi Sterker

A measure of success

For the 15th year, A Tow In Paradise offered a free tow home during the holidays for those who had too much to drink and should not drive home. We towed the person and their vehicle to their home, no questions, no hassles and no charge.

We had four calls to tow those celebrating that covered the areas from Poipu to Kilauea. We cannot release their names due to our commitment to their privacy. “Mahalo” to family and friends who called us and to the people we towed, for allowing us to tow them home. “Mahalo” also to The Garden Island and to the many local radio stations for getting the word out. We all joined together to help save lives. What a great way to end the year and to begin a new one!

  • Roger A. Ridgley, Jr.
    A Tow In Paradise

Who to vote for?

I am having a problem deciding how to vote. On 12/17/05 I said I couldn’t vote Republican again due to President Bush not vetoing any of the big spending coming out of Congress. The Democrats hate him even though he allowed the biggest spending since LBJ. In thinking about voting for the Democrats I find that I have a problem there also.

When I look at the general agenda of the Democrats it looks good. Let’s see, they are for better schools, higher paid teachers, better welfare for the poor, better care for the homeless, better roads, better services for the residents. I could go on and on. They are for abortion, but against capital punishment. They are for an increase in minimum wage, but also for illegals coming into the country to do menial labor at less than minimum wages.

Here in Hawai’i there have been Democrats in control of the Congress, and until the last Governor’s election, a Democratic governor. We have some of the highest taxes in the nation, and we have one of the worst school systems according to the published results of all state schools.

If the Democratic Party is working hard to solve and to provide for all of these things, why are we last, or close to last, in most areas?

I’m looking for an answer. I’m sure that BetteJo, or Peter or Dennis T. or Sherry Lynn F. or Glenn M. can give me one so that I will feel comfortable voting for a Democrat next time.

Until then, I will just have to vote Republican in view of what is happening for our improving economy, our low unemployment, our increasing Dow Jones, our winning the peace in Iraq, and … I could go on and on.

  • Gordon “Doc” Smith

Sees Kaua’i crying

I woke today to find Kaua’i crying. Her splendid beauty now depleted. Her peace and serenity long ago replaced by eager semitrailers, 747’s, time share, and Star Wars. I cried with her for I remembered.

Today, the children can only see what was … through our eyes, our memories, and our stories.

I cry for the children and their experiences lost … for they will never understand the feeble excuses for such senseless devastation and insatiable actions that have endangered our way of life, rendering roadside vending as illegal, thus obsolete. And in this instance, at great risk for losing our identity as Hawaiian.

  • Pohaku Kauea

To Peter Saker and Glenn Mickens

Guys, you are broken records. Both of your numbers are published in the phone book.

Do us all a favor and please call each other and keep your bickering out of the paper. You are losing credibliity and are approaching crackpot status.

Do us all a favor and keep their bickering out of our newspaper.

  • George Spelvin

People need to wake up

My wife having been born on Kaua’i, and, after our marriage, living there for 16 years, I watch what’s happening on the island I learned to love. Flying with the CAP there, fixing things for neighbors out in Ha’ena, and enjoying life at its best.

Now we all seem to be engaged in a great civil war. Now where have I heard that before? With drugs, corruption, violent entertainment, pretention of any civility, and supreme court decisions giving question to where logic has gone.

Singapore has all but eliminated crime there. Could it be that we have a God-given, built-in alarm system that could be set off to make us aware of our stupid acts? Like a public caning? Of course that would put a lot of criminal lawyers, (that’s redundant), out of work.

Like pregnancy though, it will only get worse before it can get better. When will we wake up?

  • Matt Burns
    Oak Harbor, Wash.

Hope nothing changes about Kaua’i

In response to the article about Kauaians and the newly anticipated developments.I myself as a main-lander may not have a say either, but I do want to say that I have visited the island of Kaua’i a few times and truly have fallen in love. I like the idea of nothing taller than a palm tree. And believe me, if I wanted to go to O’ahu or Maui, I’d go. I have no desire. I love Kaua’i, the aura, the richness, the bliss and the feeling of being small, but all a soul could need. Don’t take a small town girl’s only home away from home away. I’ll be back at the end of this month, I hope nothing has changed.

  • Deborah Gillett
    Dallas, Ore.

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