Letters for Sunday — January 01, 2006

• Community effort brings lost kitty back home

• Sick of Saker….

• Is it all about money?

• What’s the purpose?

Community effort brings lost kitty back home

My kitty is back home after being lost for 14 weeks! So many caring people tried to find her responding to signs that read “Lost Cat — $600 Reward” for a gray with black striped tiger female cat. Mahalo to the radio stations that ran the announcement and to the businesses and property owners that gave me permission to post signs.

Over 100 people called over the past 3 + months who were keeping their eyes out for her. Most said they didn’t want the reward. They just wanted my lost kitty to get back home.

People whom I’d never met helped me look for her. Among them was a woman and her daughter who accompanied me on a few occasions as I called for my kitty several hours at a time in cane fields at night. A couple saw a cat in Kapa’a, drove back to Lihu’e to get the telephone number from the sign on my parked car, then drove all the way back to Kapa’a to call me so I could drive up to see if it was mine. Another woman bought cat cage traps so I could try to catch my cat in addition to the one I borrowed from the Humane Society. The dedicated people who have taken it upon themselves to feed homeless cats called me whenever they saw a gray tiger cat. These folks are unsung heroes.

On Christmas morning I got a call from a man from Hanama’ulu who’d seen a cat of her description when he was fishing one night. He’d set out a cage over a couple of nights and was able to lure the cat in with fish he’d caught. I’d driven to see at least 5 cats a week from calls that matched Sweet Kitty’s description and when I drove to his home I was preparing myself for yet another disappointment. But this time it was my kitty! I couldn’t believe my eyes and when I got her home, I kept exclaiming, “I can’t believe it! You’re back home again!” Mahalo, Keone! You well deserve the reward for your resourcefulness and persistence.

Having endured long weeks of anxiety and fear for the well-being of my cat, I would like to pass on a few tips to others to help avoid losing a pet and ways to get it back if lost.

1. Have your pets spayed or neutered to keep them from straying away from home.

2. Get your pets microchipped to help identify them if found. An identifying collar is also essential.

3. Choose a responsible pet-sitter that does frequent pet counts and does not assume that a pet is under the bed.

4. Take a clear photo of your pets to help identify them in the newspaper under lost & found pets.

5. Don’t give up your search for a lost pet. It’s not uncommon for pets to be found after several months.

If there’s a homeless animal in your neighborhood, please get it spayed or neutered, and bring it back to feed on a regular basis or if possible, take it in. If a female cat is allowed to roam free without being spayed, she and her offspring can produce over 400,000 cats in 7 years. With cats going into heat at 4 months of age and having 2 to 3 litters per year, the problem won’t go away by ignoring it. The Humane Society has a spay/neuter/release program for people who are willing to be responsible for feeding a homeless cat for a nominal charge of $5 for the micro-chip.

Mahalo to everyone who offered their caring and heartfelt support. This island has more aloha than anyone can imagine.

  • Judy Dalton

Sick of Saker….

I’ve written many letters to the editor over the years in response to the opinions or reflections of others, and to date, nothing has ever been published. To this end, I’ve no reason to believe this letter will ever grace the pages of your publication; however, I felt compelled to ask you … IS ANYONE ELSE SICK AND TIRED OF DR. PETER R. SAKER’S OPINION, REFLECTIONS, RESPONSES, INKLINGS, URGES, LECTURES OR MORAL FORTITUDE?

I’m sick of picking up this paper and being lectured by someone who’s got too much time on his hands. While a person of obvious intelligence & conviction, I feel you should write a book, Dr. Saker. Take up public speaking. Create a forum where your ideas and values will be honored and absorbed other than The Garden Island newspaper. And, at the risk of sounding condescending, why can’t the GIN find someone else’s viewpoints to print? They’re out there. Whether it’s abortion, war, evolution or Genesis, Dr. Saker’s got an opinion. The way I see it, that’s at least four chapters of a potential best seller. Why don’t you get started?

  • Jeff Hayes

Is it all about money?

I read today on Xmas Eve about the tragedy in September. In reference: “helicopter crash.”

May the victims of negligence from “Heli USA Airways” rest their souls. Mr. Company Vice-President John Power, be a true humanitarian and accept responsibility since we have not heard from the president. Do not divert attention from the truth as follows: Lampton wasn’t alone flying in the storm. Pilots of other tour helicopters were flying in that weather. Duh. The truth shall prevail! And to the families of those victims, my condolences.

To end, was the pilot drug tested? Lawyers and insurance agents don’t drag this out, please. To the rest of helicopter business agents: remember, it should not be about money.

  • Jose Angel Morales

What’s the purpose?

Peter Saker’s analogy (TGI 12/28) of comparing abortion to the thousands of American lives lost in a war we shouldn’t have been in is not even on the radar screen. He says, “Americans are dying in Iraq, but for a purpose.” But what is that purpose?

We started that Iraq war due to Weapons of Mass Destruction —WMDs. After spending over a billion dollars and not finding these WMDs we changed the reason to “get rid of a dictatorial madman.” Once we found him and yet the war and the deaths kept escalating, we justified our presence there by saying we were there to bring democracy to the middle East.

Remember that long ago, W said we would never be a nation builder—his dad knew better in Gulf War 1. And yet, we broke it, we’ve got ourselves into a corner and are doing exactly what our President said we wouldn’t do.

My friend so wisely said that it depends on whose bull is getting gored in a fight as to whether or not the fight is worth it. Mr. Saker, if you or your loved ones were getting killed and losing arms and legs, would this unjust war still be worth the “purpose?” And if you wish to make comparisons please at least make them rationally!

  • Glenn Mickens

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