Letters for Wednesday — December 28, 2005

• Where’s the beef?

• Dying by the millions

• Appalled and outraged by savagery in our schools

• All in how you look at it

Where’s the beef?

On reading Roger Cable’s “Guest Viewpoint” on repealing the gas cap law, I had to break my rule of responding or challenging a forum writer. I regard different views as healthy, but sorry, Mr. Cable, you made yourself fair game.

As someone that hasn’t eaten beef in 30 years, I have to ask Mr. Cable where’s the beef? You use no facts or figures in your bantering. You state “We have had our pockets picked by legislators.” The gas cap sets limits on how tors.” much wholesalers can sell gas for, it does not require them to raise it to the limit.

Yes, it is based on a mainland average, but I am at a loss to figure out why our gas prices sky rocketed this summer, when the oil it was refined from was purchased six months before. If they are justifying high profits because they could of sold their oil for more money in New

Orleans, then they are not helping our local market with their greed.

Yes, our failed anti-trust lawsuit could not fight against these giants, sly in accounting.

But a large share of their national profits should not come from our tional small isolated market. I personally think the gas cap does not go far enough, I think we should tie the fuel cap to their profits and charge us a fair amount for their profit, and if costs with a fair profit added are found to be exceeded, then rebate our gas for awhile.

I want the market to control itself with healthy competition, but here in Hawai’i we are easily victims to greed in our small markets. Let’s let this gas cap play out for at least a year before we judge it on short term effects. When I read letters like Mr. Cable’s, I have to wonder if ters they own Chevron stock.

Feel free to go after my opinion. I enjoy reading joy The Garden Island, though this viewpoint was not worth a 1/3 of a page.

  • Bill Troutman

Dying by the millions

In the 12/22/2005 Garden Island Mr. Mr. Mickens complains that over 2,100 Americans have died in Iraq and he states that “they are being killed and wounded by people that have no value for life…” During this same time period, 4,110,000 Americans were killed in abortion clinics in America.

tion Using the liberal left’s way of thinking, I propose the following solutions. Number one: Make all unborn Americans “convicted murderers,” then the liberal left will complain when they are executed in abortion clinics. Number two: Have the all-knowing, all-powerful, omni-present National Organization for Women proclaim that the war on terror is “a woman’s right to choose.” Then millions of Americans can die in Iraq with the blessing of the liberal left. I wonder what the liberal left would say if Pearl Harbor was attacked today? How ironic that we dare to claim that a Muslim country has “no value for human life” when we have killed 1,370,000 Americans in abortion clinics each and every year since 1967. We turn a blind eye to the millions that are dying simply because they are not wanted and yet complain about the thousands that are dying to keep this country safe, secure and free.

It seems that every generation of Americans has to be reminded that freedom and safety has always come with the loss of American lives. Yes, Americans are dying in Iraq, but for a purpose.

For what purpose are our unborn children dying by the millions?

  • Dr. Peter R. Saker

Appalled and outraged by savagery in our schools

A culture of intolerance, jealousy, threat and violence is a code of behavior running through our local high school and middle school with tacit indifference on the part of some parents, school administrators and even the police.

Last week, a beautiful young 15-year old was savagely attacked, beaten, lip split open and her front teeth loosened, nearly knocked out by a 17-year-old young woman who was jealous of this girl’s outstanding beauty and intelligence.

Her daughter bloodied, the young lady’s parent was encouraged NOT to press charges by the police and the school administrator and the perpetrator was reinstated in school a week later. Excuse me!!! when is assault and battery something to be swept under the rug? Why are the beautiful, most intelligent and vivacious being brutalized for being in school? Since when is it better to encourage those attacked to give up on justice and hope they leave school without making waves, while the violent attacker is allowed back in school after only a few days?

There are continual threats in the halls and on the buses by bullies who think they have the right of slander and threats to solve their envy. Threats have been made on this outstanding girl because of speaking to someone’s brother or talking to a boy in the hall. She is not the only one to be subjected to this emotional and physical abuse. It is an accepted behavior pattern for dealing with jealous projections in the student culture and those in charge try not to get involved. What kind of teaching is that? Survival by brute force!

Jealousy, inadequacy and ignorance are hardly an excuse for the cruel and vicious techniques being used by these young women. Where are they learning to behave like brutes??

Certainly, these are the ones to be asked to go to school elsewhere. Let their parents be the ones forced to pay for private schools. And let not the authorities be so quick to enable bad behavior by dismissing legal justice.

  • Dina Mori Gardner Satya
    Kaua’i resident

All in how you look at it

My view of traffic and speeding here in Atlanta, is, I’m sure, similar to those in Washington, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, but applying my conditions of “traffic and speed” to Kaua’i is a psychological and technological strain. On top of that, some of the Island’s residents ask if speed kills. The outright answer is “NO.” You die only if you hit something. Then the “dying rate” is proportional to the “speed squared.”

This country kills 45,000 people each year, every year, mostly because of “speed.” We hypocrites lament over the 2,000 servicemen deaths in the past two

years, doing their job for us in Iraq, but when you’re a “hypocrite,” it’s easy to lament when there is no “personal sacrifice” required. No matter how you think politically, it would be impossible to argue that the Iraq death is more senseless than the traffic death!

The “burning question” is, “Where the h—l are you all going in such of a hurry?” You live in “paradise!” If you’re not careful, you’ll speed right through it, end up on the other side, and not be able to get back. There’s a concept that’s often quoted, “If you change the way you look at things, you change the way they look.”

I’m reminded of a phrase in a song, “…in the Hawaiian way…”, expressing a philosophy that seems to be dead, and only its echo remains in that song. A hundred or so years ago, or so, a Council and a King would have sat down, acknowledged the problem, own it, and join in solving it. How wonderfully we’ve progressed, for now we can send the problem into the “ether” or to some convenient individual.

Join together, use the wonderful imagination you have, and transform the problem to an opportunity; lemonade out of lemons, poi out of a root!

  • Joe Polacky

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