Letters for Friday — December 16, 2005

• Logical discourse needed

• Bomb waiting to blow

• No answers at KIUC board meeting

Logical discourse needed

The Garden Island has inexplicably published a letter in its Dec. 12 Letters section which casts doubt on the GI’s efforts to maintain a degree of acceptable journalistic standards.

In the letter, Bettejo Dux vents her spleen at the Bush administration by stating that “This administration is the most corrupt, inept, incompetent, war-mongering, lying batch of thieves this country has ever known.”

I am sure that this statement would be treated with bemusement by any respected historian. She goes on to state that the Vice President of the United States “is a certifiable lunatic” and that the President’s “lies are legion.” The letter clearly contains the bleatings of a person consumed by paranoia and contributes nothing to what is needed: a clear, logical and informed discourse on the issues that affect us all.

  • Myles Fladager

Bomb waiting to blow

Better the owner of the dog who attacked Brenda Zafirides should say nothing at all. There is no excuse (or story) whatsoever for his allowing a dangerous animal the opportunity to get out of a fenced yard and attack someone. The cited UPS delivery person should count his blessings that the dog did not attack him. For a dog to have attacked someone in the manner Brenda was attacked tells me that the dog was a bomb waiting to blow.

The paranoia that you bring to this community to give yourself an excuse to have such a dog is not acceptable. The victim of your paranoia will have a lifetime of emotional as well as physical scars as a result of this attack. You must understand that when a dog attack occurs, the victim will reexperience the horror of the attack everytime she hears a dog bark or growl, or perhaps even sees a dog on a tv commercial or in the community.

You are not alone in excusing yourself for having a dangerous dog: there are too many of them in this community. We do not need them for protection, so there is no need to have one. Period. To have a dog like this is like leaving a loaded gun lying around the house where teenage boys hang out: it is only a matter of time before someone is injured. Had this been a loaded gun that injured the victim, you would be charged with attempted manslaughter. Why is having a vicious dog that tears up a person not viewed in the same manner?

  • Lee Hill

No answers at KIUC board meeting

On Tuesday the 14th I went to the KIUC board meeting in the hope of having some questions answered. Since it is a cooperative I was under the obvious misconception that we are entitled to know the qualifications of the people running our electric company!

I asked questions like “what background education Mr. Achenbach has, and what his experience is as a CEO.” My questions were met with a blank stare. Neither responded. For a moment I wondered if one of the grey-haired men at the head of the table was a ventriloquist and the other the dummy, neither responded.

What is the point of members going to the meetings with questions that are never addressed.

And why are the board members so accepting of what is dealt from the head of the table, are these our “yes” people? Do they not wonder how this man became the CEO or don’t they care?

I realize as a board member it is not a lucrative position and most of them are successful residents of our island, basically donating their time, but WHY do they do it?

Mr. Gardiner and Achenbach are treating everyone as mushrooms, keeping us in the dark and feeding us B.S. When will we get the answers we seek?

  • Marjorie Lewis

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