Letters for Wednesday — December 14, 2005

• About those slow drivers

• Do your own GMO research

• Don’t blame God

About those slow drivers

I too feel very much like Eric Voorhies about driving and applaud him for that letter on Nov. 11. Yes indeed, I too think it went over Juan Wilson’s head.

I myself am not a speedster. But I get frustrated when people drive slow to slow down traffic. For example: I leave for work or to other destinations anywhere from 30 min to 50 min early to get to my destination on time or earlier. But it doesn’t help. Usually, I run into a slow driver (who’s either cruising when there is oncoming traffic and when it comes to a time we could pass, they speed up.) Lately I see a lot of people on their cell phones and holding up traffic. (Why don’t they pull to the side? It’s a lot safer).

Then, there are the older drivers who find that they bave to be out during peak traffic hours. (If they’re going to a doctor’s appointment or somewhere important, I can see that). But lots of the time they just have to be out on the road witth the rest of the working people.

Lastly, do you as parents remember having a car to drive to school at 14-17 yrs. of age? Nowadays almost all high school students have cars to drive.

Isn’t the bus system a lot cheaper? Parents, you pay anywhere from $300 to $600 for these immature kids to drive. (Most of the time they don’t obey the rules of driving). They speed through stop signs and roll into on-coming traffic. They don’t use their turn signals. They just turn. Parents — your children who choose to have an after-school activity (or should I say, you allow them to have an after school activity): You should all get together and charter a bus to bring your children home. Maybe DOE can assist with transportation. Again, parents, we never had cars to drive to school. But things did work out. It’s an exception if your kids have to be at work or appointments. But face it, they contribute to traffic. Sometimes clog traffic, too!

So please, people, think it over. It would help our traffic problems.

  • Howard J. Tolbe
    ‘Ele’ele •

Dog owner shares his story

We were visiting with one of the dogs at the Kauai Humane Society that my three-year-old son made a connection with. This dog was a year old and the girl who helped us with the dog claimed he was one of the friendliest dogs that they had. So we took her word for it, why shouldn’t we? That was her job!

Finding solutions and homes for these animals is one of those tasks, and I was there to fulfill it. We got the dog as my son’s new pet and also to protect our family, as said many times before. My wife and I were born and raised here on Kaua’i and decided to move away to California two years ago to make a life of our own. We lived in a nice neighborhood with very little crime. A year after moving there, there was so many crimes happening around us that my wife was scared to go out without me. Yes, there is crime other than in South Central Los Angeles, Mr. Mann! By the way, we were living in Grover Beach, Calif.

We then decided to move back to Kaua’i because my son was to start preschool in the upcoming year and we didn’t trust the area. When arriving back home in the islands, we saw the amount of crimes associated with drugs and agreed to get a dog. We would let him run in the fenced yard at night and when we weren’t home. Other than that, he would be on the leash. And my sons would play with him on and off the leash and there was no sign of a “power dog.” To prove this, the mail man and Federal Express man would come into the yard and the dog would just lay there and watch them walk to the front door to put boxes on the front porch (he was always leashed up next to the front doors).

By the way, my neighbors are very good neighbors and they were surprised at what had happened too, because I got quite a few positive remarks about my dog after the incident.

As for playing Russian roulette, we live our lives playing this game. We take a risk everyday when we decide to drive to the grocery store or to the beach. Anything can happen unexpectedly. Drunk driver, road rage or a simple chicken running across the road. Exactly what happened on one Sunday morning with my dog …very unexpected. I am not here to say that I was right, but that I am sorry and will deal with my punishment that is given to me for this situation.

  • Johnathan Wong

Do your own GMO research

I am outraged and saddened by the Dec. 9 pro GMO propaganda. It is, in my opinion, a disgrace to our community’s collective conscience. All of these inflated positives far under-weigh the facts about GMOs.

In short, the scientists have utilized the cell nucleus-penetrating ability of the E-coli virus to splice animal and human DNA into our food! This includes and is not limited to jellyfish in corn, and fish in tomatoes. In addition to this, labels are not required on said produce or anything produced from it.

I encourage anyone to do their own research.

  • Lauren Shaw

Don’t blame God

This letter is for the Christians out there. You and I need to stop pointing the finger at God for natural disasters, sickness and death. And start pointing the finger at ourselves. God is a holy God and he cannot tolerate sin especially from his own. God is saying to the Christian, “repent”.

2 Chronicles 7:14 says, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

The people that call themselves “Christians” need to repent of their participation, silence, or approval of abortion, gay and lesbian lifestyles, pornography, premarital sex, male and female nudity, sex and violence in the media and on the Internet; as well as turning a deaf ear to the discrimination and injustices in this world.

As our world around us gets more and more immoral, the silence from our Christian pulpits and from Christians in the media about such matters is inexcusable. How can the world repent when we Christians are more immoral than the non-Christians? If all of the Christians, and I include my-self, will get down on their knees and repent, God will move to stop these disasters and cause a new revival of morality in this country. Let’s stop putting the blame on God and start putting the blame where it belongs: on ourselves. When God responds to our repentance, perhaps the non-Christian will see that there is indeed a God in heaven and turn to the true and living God.

  • Dr. Peter R. Saker

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