Letters for Saturday — December 03, 2005

• Common sense cycling

• No joking matter

• No surprises indeed

Common sense cycling

Lately I’ve noticed a lot more people taking to alternate modes of transportation, namely cycling. I think it’s great people are biking it whenever they can. But if you gotta ride, use some common sense.

Most people heard about the cyclist found in the ditch near the Wailua Golf course recently. A very sad and unfortunate incident. I saw that bike propped up against the railing. It’s an eerie feeling knowing that someone was dying or was already dead a few feet away. I still think of it when I pass the area daily.

In the last week alone I have seen two cyclists riding along the railing Lihu’e bound. There can’t be but 3 to 4 feet of space (sometimes a lot less) between the guardrail and roadway. This is what bothers me. The two cyclists were traveling at dusk wearing dark clothes, that’s right, dark clothes and NO lights. That is ZERO common sense.

Think about it, riding at dusk, wearing dark clothes in an area not well-suited for bicycles. Man, talk about taking your life in your own hands! If you’re going to ride next to motor vehicles doing 50 plus mph and approaching from the rear no less, wear something highly visible. Now, I have no problems with people riding, but cyclists also have a responsibility for their OWN safety. Man if I had to ride there, I’d be wearing blaze orange and lit up like a Christmas tree.

Food for thought.

  • Stephen Shioi

No joking matter

I watched the evening news and viewed story after story of crime and abuse. From a man beating his pregnant wife to near death on the Big Island , to a lady addicted to the lethal drug ice, not being charged with the murder of her child while prosecutors comforted themselves with calling the child only a fetus, to a group of 11-year-olds sexually assaulting their classmate, and I was reminded of a quote from Jay Leno, who is not known for his theology:

“With hurricanes, earthquakes, fires out of control, tornadoes, flooding and severe t-storms tearing up the country from one end to another, with the threat of bird flu, terrorist attacks, and more, Are we sure this is a good time to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance?”

This time Mr. Leno’s comment is no joking matter and worth consideration. For the record I wish you a Merry Christmas, Kauai.

  • Chris Metcalf

No surprises indeed

Thank you for the thorough coverage of the Kauai High School Girls Cross Country season. There was one surprise though. The rumor of Gillian Pickett transferring from Kula High School to Kapa’a high school came as a surprise to us, her parents and I’m sure to her coach, David Rojeck.

In our house we bleed green for our Kapa’a senior Erin but for our Kula sophomore Gillian we hemorrhage purple. Each school has been very supportive of our kid’s individual abilities. We would like to thank the coaching staffs of both schools for fantastic coaching and an exciting Cross-country season.

  • Tom Pickett

KIUC should have panel to look over expenditures

Board member Susan Stayton has a very good idea about having a panel or task force of board members and KIUC members to look over expenditures.

The panel should be voted for by the KIUC members and not “arranged” by the current CEO, Gregg Gardiner.

Also, if the answer as to why Kaua’i residents are paying the most for electricity in the state is because of high fuel costs, then what is everybody else in Hawai’i using for fuel, for the production of electricity?

Coal? Nuclear power? Kiawe?

Or have board members abused their positions, and spent the peoples money on personal things? A form of embezzlement.

It’s painfully obvious that wrongdoing has occurred here, and when the people do not speak up, you are telling them to keep buying themselves trucks, and vacations, and houses for themselves. It will be your fault for not doing anything.

And if the board members refuse to come clean, or they simply place a few friends on the panel board, then I suggest a few people write a few letters to the IRS Criminal Task Force.

You don’t have to put your name or address on the envelope, and you can send the letters from another town, just to distance yourselves.

Help keep KIUC honest with more then just verbal complaints.

  • Dennis Chaquette

Supports president’s plan

It appears to me that President Bush has a clear plan for victory in Iraq that begins with training Iraqi forces so they can defend their country and fight the terrorists. We are making tremendous progress towards this objective.

Earlier this year, Iraqi forces led the fight in clearing out terrorists during the crucial battle of Tal Afar, with U.S. troops in a supporting role, and every day, Iraqis are taking more control of the situation on the ground.

Withdrawing from Iraq, as some Democrats in Washington propose, would send a dangerous signal to our enemies that we cut and run when the going gets tough. President Bush is offering a clear strategy to win, not a political quick fix.

  • Gordon “Doc” Smith

Again, let the students decide!

Applause for Debbie Friedman’s letter on Dec. 2nd. I agree completely. In her own logic, is the evolution move-recruit new believers from young minds like me at schools pretending to use science which it so selectively culls in order to infiltrate its message on a massive scale? Or does the movement have an ego so large that it wants to dominate and indoctrinate everyone into one theory?

Religion should be left out of public school science classes, including the “religion” of evolution zealots who don’t want to allow the students to make their own educated decisions. Suppressing scientists? That’s exactly what these evolution-pushing fundamentalists want: censor those who disagree. Didn’t we come out of the Dark Age?

If evolution is so set in stone and “obviously” scientific, it should be able to stand up to any other theory. Shouldn’t it?

I agree with Debbie: Stop this contest for who has the best ideas. Students aren’t dumb.

  • Josh Duvauchelle, 18

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