LETTERS for Thursday – November 17, 2005

Fluff on KIUC

The article appearing in this Sunday’s edition of The Garden Island, Nov. 13, 2005, on KIUC was the biggest piece of fluff I’ve ever had the displeasure to read. How insulting it was, indeed, to be told by Mr. Glenn English, CEO of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Assoc. that the problems at KIUC are only “… growing pains.” Just what was the point of this article? Was it to assuage KIUC – a lucrative advertising customer? I mean, come on! Is it growing pains to have vital KIUC financial records kept secret from the owners of the co-op? Is it growing pains to keep from us detailed, itemized travel expenses by board members? Is it growing pains when the KIUC board doesn’t even disclose the salaries of their top executives? I think not. For The Garden Island to interview an outsider who has no idea of what’s going on at KIUC is galling .

Andy Gross, the business reporter for the paper, is sorely missed! He stopped writing for the paper right after an editorial came out severely undercutting his investigative reports on KIUC .

Mr. English goes on to say that “You’re bound to see some grinding of gears in situations like this.” I must say to Mr. English that the only “grinding of gears” we’re bound to see are the gear boxes on the myriad new vehicles that KIUC just purchased .

And do we know who drives those cars, exactly when, and where? No, we don’t. Is this just ‘growing pains?” Do all co-ops buy $800,000 houses for their CEO to live in? Just “growing pains”? “It works best when the people become involved,” states Mr. English .

Did The Garden Island bother to bring Mr. English up-to-speed by sitting him down and letting him read ting the series of articles on KIUC by Mr . Gross? I think not .

Mr. English, “How are members/ owners of the co-op to be fully involved and informed when extremely volved important records and facts are kept off-limits to them by the KIUC board?” If you miss the reporting of Andy Gross, as I do, please write to the publisher letting her know that we’re tired of the ‘fluff’ and want back.

  • Anthony Allen

Something must be done

Reading about Cory Karleen’s conviction and sentencing to 10 years viction of jail for rape after having a “twomonth relationship” (which certainly makes it sound consensual) with this underage girl made me think of justice and injustice – makes me wonder if this young man isn’t just a statistic (wrong choice, wrong age, wrong place, wrong time, and wrong ?) – made me also wonder how he will emerge a better person in 10 years time? Don’t get me wrong – I do not remotely condone rape or violence under any circumstances but seeing something like this on the front page makes me wonder about other obvious wrongdoings that seem to get swept under the lauhala mat, so to speak. What has happened to Byron Say’s trial after his hit-and-run of the woman on the motorcycle in Hanalei? What has happened to the drivers who were under the influence and caused two near-fatal traffic accidents recently that have left at least two North Shore residents I know of seriously injured? This is a real and scary problem that I see on our island that is only going to get worse unless something is done about it – we have too many drivers under the influence of various substances, behind the wheel, some in illegally jacked-up trucks that smaller gas-conscious vehicles have no chance of surviving a collision with. Why are these trucks allowed on the road when they are extremely visible and obviously illegal? Why are there not more traffic checks for those under the influence who become lethal weapons when coupled with a car? Why? Let’s do something about this before someone else is the next statistic .

  • P.S. Britt

Wind power ‘most feasible’

Thank you for stepping up and advocating in your own backyard a wind farm. I don’t know if your site would be appropriate, but at least you took a step forward. Here’s the next step. KIUC has finished its report on renewable energy and wind power is at the front of the class as the most feasible .

Contact Jeff Deren, jderen@kiuc.com

KIUC wants to go forward with a wind farm. Also Power Works, a wind and solar company is looking for a wind farm site, contact Craig Thoburn, “Craig Thoburn” c_thoburn@yahoo.com. Thanks, Caroline, and let’s continue to move forward .

  • Mark Perry

Teaching or indoctrination?

Mr. Kelley, giving only part of the scientific evidence is not teaching, it’s INDOCTRINATION. Refusing to remove proven falsehoods from our text books is also not teaching, it’s INDOCTRINATION. Using dating methods that have been proven false when dating objects of known dates is not teaching, it’s INDOCTRINATION .

Making an entire primitive family from just one extinct pig’s tooth is not teaching, it’s INDOCTRINATION .

In addition, the second law of thermodynamics allows for an increase in order if and only if there is an outside harnessing mechanism to do useful work. In your example, someone built that house. Evolutionists do not have this luxury because they say that the house was built by chance. If left alone, the house will again go to disorder. I know the definition says “closed systems” but scientists have proven that it works just as well in “open systems” .

As well, Mr. Kelly, you confuse the message with the messenger. These are not MY calculations. They are the calculations of world-renowned mathematicians and Nobel Prize-winning scientists. They know a lot more ning about mathematics and science than you and I combined. As well, being crude and rude in your letters does not make you sound more intelligent .

It detracts from your arguments .

In conclusion, the separation of church and state does not apply to scientific evidence. Why not give our students ALL of the scientific evidence and let the students decide for themselves?

  • Dr. Peter R Saker

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