Letters for Monday — November 14, 2005

• Time of reflection

Time of reflection

During a time that immigrants are abusing the privilege to come to America by entering illegally, it is appropriate to tell the story of this immigrant who still thank God, and America of course, for the privilege bestowed upon my family for allowing us to come to this great nation from Indonesia. This happened 35 years ago.

I am also reminiscing about the Islamization of Indonesia which occurred a long time ago. The rest of the world is going through it right now. Many people are so focused on the legality of the war, the cost in human blood, and the financial part of it that the necessity of this war escapes them. Indonesia never fought back and is now the biggest Muslim country in the world with all the tragic consequences thereof.

Human blood will be shed no matter what. Of course we all wish it is not our blood or the blood of our children; but those who are determined to have an extremely orthodox Muslim world will shed blood wherever they can. On Sept. 11, at a wedding in Jordan, on the streets of Amsterdam and France, the list goes on and on and it will be blood of Muslims, Christians, men, women and children young and old. This desire, the domination of the world by pure, extremist Muslims, is hundreds of years old and will not go away.

We need to unite with those Muslims who do not want a pure, orthodox Islam where there is no room for change as time and circumstances demand it. It is time for women to go to school, to vote, to work and be professionals, to wear less cumbersome clothes. Consequently we need to be in Kuwait, Jordan and Iraq and every other country in the Middle East who does not agree with these extremists and many do not.

I do hope that the whole “jihad” business (incompatible with basic humanitarian thinking), will be reevaluated and either abolished or applied with the greatest restrained, by moderate Muslims.

This is wishful thinking and will not happen, but we, as a powerful nation, at least can minimize the impact on humanity by slowing the process and help those who are willing to embark on the wings of time, to close their borders, and deny hospitality to the extremists whose main goal is the destruction of a huge part of human existence.

Reasonable and peaceful Muslims are the answer to peace in America and the world as well. Unfortunately, as far as I can remember peace is usually achieved by war; that is why we are at war in my humble opinion. One thing the extremists do not have to do any more because we did it for them; divide this country in many ways. They now do not have to face a united, strong nation that cannot be corrupted or undermined by fear of terror, or ignorance of history.

Let us continue to pray for a safe homecoming for all Americans.

  • Paula Zina

Who’s being selective?

Mr. Gibboney says (Garden Island, Nov. 6) that my “reply contains more examples of selective reasoning than anything (he) could possibly come up with.” I fully agree! And the reason for that is because I was responding to HIS previous letter point by point! In fact, Mr. Gibboney goes on to prove my point in his very own letter.

He lists scripture which describe his god as having wings and then asks if we should assume his god is a chicken or eagle. Well, Mr. Gibboney, it’s YOUR god, not mine. What do YOU think? Or do you just ignore those particular bible quotes because they sound ridiculous? In other words, you select the quotes you want to believe and ignore the ones that are contradictory or are just plain silly. Selective reasoning. Does the earth ‘hang from nothing’ because the Bible says so or does it ‘stand on pillars’ like the Bible says? Be sure to ‘select’ the one that conforms most with reality and then ignore the rest.

Mr. Gibboney also says that the American Academy of Pediatrics is wrong about circumcision. The AAP has “concluded that there was no absolute medical indication for routine circumcision.” Other organizations such as NOCIRC (National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers), CIRP (Circumcision Information and Resource Pages), and the Circumcision Resource Center seem to agree that infantile circumcision is done primarily for cultural or religious reasons. Perhaps Mr. Gibboney can correct these obviously misguided groups by submitting his documented research to straighten them out.

Finally, Mr. Gibboney refers to John 4:24 which says, “God is a spirit.” Perhaps he should read Habukkuk 3:4-5 which refer to God’s feet and the horns coming out of his hands. But I guess that’s just ME being selective and not Mr. Gibboney, huh?

  • Brian Christensen

Response to “All American boy”

I wholeheartedly agree with Yasu Nakamatsu’s article in a recent Garden Island. Opinion’s section! Most assuredly to his following remarks:

“Rules are rules but we are only putting up a front when we do not adjust to the needs of the people by amending them as needed. Because they have the power to say “Yes” or “No”, our ruling bodies forget the need for changes as various unexpected situations arise by coldly saying, “The Law is the Law.” Americanism was not meant to be that way.” “Is this the America we want? Americanism — we talk about it but do not always practice what we preach.”

I feel Mr. Nakamatsu’s remarks are right on target in the world of games as well as hitting upon the very essence of what is ailing Kaua’i today in the management of our small island. Our elected official’s first priority is to respond to the will of the people, not to the will of the government. The Will of the People comes first, especially when mandated at the ballot box.

The needs and the will of the governing are subordinate to those of the people. If the voters of our community vote for lower property taxes it is the duty of every elected official to listen and to act upon the choice of the people as they speak via the ballot.

Speaking of a “bright spot,” how about one for Kaua’i? As Mr. Nakamatsu mentions, just like Michelle Wie, it is time our elected officials “stood up to it and accepted the decision even though disappointed” that the voters of Kaua’i want the Ohana Kaua’i Property Tax Relief Charter Amendment, that passed by a margin of 2 to 1 in the last General Election, to be implemented as so directed by our Kaua’i Charter.

  • John Hoff

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