Letters for Friday — November 04, 2005

• Kaua’i families seek some relief from utility bills

• Intelligent design should be taught in schools

• Question authority

Kaua’i families seek some relief from utility bills

Oh, my God, please help us.

We are people born, raised, graduated from Kaua’i schools, worked for years on Kaua’i, built our homes on Kaua’i, raised our children on Kaua’i as loving, caring hardworking individuals.

We are retired after years of devotion for Kaua’i. We are now senior citizens, in our 60s to 80s, but still living on beautiful Kaua’i.

Even though so-called smart individuals like those experts at KIUC have gone crazy spending thousands and thousands of dollars for the new home, furnishings, a car and whatever for ONE person with KIUC, and also spending thousands of dollars to purchase cars for selected officials of KIUC. Also, the thousands of dollars to purchase items for KIUC board for corporate use. And last of all, $90,000 for travel expenses. Unbelievable!!!

And we are the loyal, loving and Kaua’i families paying our electric bills from $45 plus a month for 2002 to an increase of $89 a month for 2003 to an increase of up to $98 a month for 2004 and another increase of up to $114 a month for 2005. It could be much more!

My family members and I are hoping that something good can be done for us as we continue to live on our beautiful island of Kaua’i. Since KIUC has so much money to spend so foolishly, please, take care of the Kaua’i families with a reduction in their electric bills!!

Juliet Kanoa Aiu and family

Kanoa family members

Vidinha family members

Souza family members

Cataluna family members

Apana family members

Aiu Family members

Intelligent design should be taught in schools

In response to Dr. Brock’s letter of the 17th of October in The Garden Island may I say an increase in function does not translate into an increase in new genetic information.

Dr. Lee Spetner, “Not By Chance” on page 138 says, “All point mutations that have been studied on the molecular level turn out to reduce the genetic information and not to increase it. ….. The human genome has much more information than does the bacterial genome. Information cannot be built up by mutations that lose it. A business can’t make money by losing it a little at a time.”

Secondly, the heart of my argument for intelligent design is not the above, but that the mathematical laws of probability precludes the spontaneous generation of chemicals to life. This proof has hopefully already been printed in this paper and there is no need to rehash it here. As well, how can you use redundancy in the system as a counter-argument for the “irreducible complexity” of the cell? You have done a quantum leap over the mathematical laws of probability that states that the irreducible complexity of the cell cannot arise by random chance. Your redundancy of the system is starting with the “irreducible complex” cell already existing. Gene duplication, polyploidy, insertions etc., do not help explain evolution. They represent an increase in DNA but not an increase in the amount of genetic information. These mechanisms create nothing new. There could never be enough “experiments” (mutating generations of organisms) to find anything useful by such a process. World renown mathematicians note the following, the average gene is 1,000 base pairs long which represents 1 chance in 10 to the 602nd power possibilities (compare that to the number of atoms in the universe which is 10 to the 80th power) If every atom in the universe represented an “experiment” every millisecond for the supposed 15 billion years of the universe, this could only try a maximum of 10 to the 100th power of the possibilities for this gene. So such a neutral process cannot possibly find any sequence with specificity or usefulness.

Thirdly, the writer states,” The second law of thermodynamics does not apply to living creatures.” What non-sense. Look around you, all you see is living creatures, including ourselves going from order to disorder. If you haven’t noticed, we are all getting older and one day you and I will die like every other living thing. The second law of thermodynamics affects all things in this universe. Scientists agree that all things in this universe seem to be winding down.

In conclusion, just because scientific data supports the biblical account of creation does not make it “non scientific” nor does it make it improper to teach in schools. Science is science whether it supports creation or not. Are the known and proven laws of science “non scientific” because they support the biblical account of creation? If you are serious about “having passionate debate and excitement” in the schools, then you need to include intelligent design in your curriculum. The question begs to be asked, what are you afraid of? If evolution stands on its own merits, why be afraid to allow another point of view?

  • Dr. Peter Saker

Question authority

It is good to see the GI’s coverage of KIUC’s highly suspect spending of their customer/members’ payments and loan obligations. Being one of those ‘nitpickers’ (So named by one of those ‘bullies’ – ex-PMRF CO and co-op deal supporter) and now a non-member (but still strapped with the same high rates), I’d like to remind all KIUC co-op members that they are the ones with the power to change things by voting out as many offending board members as possible next time they hold an election (a hopefully clean election).

KIUC’s lip-service to moving towards renewable energy sources is also rather depressing. This island should be a showplace for PV, wind, hydro, wave, cogeneration and many other alternatives to our petrol dependence. This is another subject the co-op membership should take to the board and the ballot box. This co-op could be using their numbers to join together and purchase large quantities of PV panels at a good discount for members to put on their roofs and become grid power providers with net-metering. Members could then begin selling their excess solar electricity back to KIUC at a price much less than KIUC pays to fuel those old generators at Port Allen, eventually saving KIUC enough money to reduce those fuel surcharges that are upping our 1995 vintage rates by up to 40 percent these days.

We are finding out more and more everyday that in this county (and even in this country!) not paying attention to the workings of our governing bodies, or remaining silent when obvious abuses or illegal activities are going on cost us in much more ways than just our finances. It was true in the sixties and it is still true today … “QUESTION AUTHORITY”

  • Larry Heller

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