Letters for Friday — September 23, 2005

• After the fact preparedness

• EPA employees call for fluoridation moratorium

• Congratulations shared

• Supreme Court needs Judge Roberts

After the fact preparedness

No mention of shelters in TGI’s big article boasting this county’s Hurricane Preparedness. Sunday’s Advertiser covered the inadequate and outdated shelters on O’ahu.

The image-making mindset of county officials has to stop. Time and money wasted to create the appearance of competence. It’s best at this point for residents to take matters into their own hands to make sure their families and friends will be safe.

Demand action and tell them what is needed. That costly banner the mayor displayed for Hurricane Preparedness does nothing to focus people when crisis is upon them.

Official shelters on this island, where are they? Are there enough? Will their doors be open? What are their capacities? And the big lesson, that still doesn’t seem to have registered yet, will people who aren’t in the position to fend for themselves be provided forewarning, transportation, etc.?

TODAY (not when the next budget rolls around), a list of shelters needs to be posted, EVERYWHERE. County Administration, remember there are people you’ve displaced on this island who struggle through the ‘normal’ days. Numerous new shelters need to be assigned on ALL parts of the island.

Forget after the fact ‘preparedness kits’, ‘preparedness classes’ and get real. As it is now, if my life depended on it I would not have a clue where I could seek shelter without feeling like I was a trespasser.

Considering gridlocks and chaos sparked by one traffic incident on this island because of the county’s under-the-table planning, Kaua’i residents need more than a ‘Get Prepared’ banner!

Shelters: Will the new courthouse and the old courthouse buildings be open to protect lives or CLOSED TO PROTECT FURNISHINGS? The Big Boxes, the ALMIGHTY PMRF (I don’t anticipate missiles but how about a realistic Hurricane Defense), the westside Technology Center. Will any of these direct and indirect tax subsidized sites be accessible for a few hours of shelter when the big winds come or will they come on the scene, after the fact for ‘heroic’ photo ops?

When will the list of shelters be made available at checkouts and newsstands?

  • Elaine Dunbar

EPA employees call for fluoridation moratorium

Eleven EPA employee unions have called for a moratorium on drinking water fluoridation programs. They have further asked EPA management to recognize fluoride as posing a serious cancer risk.

The unions acted in response to an apparent cover-up of evidence from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine connecting fluoridation with a seven-fold increased risk of the fatal bone cancer osteosarcoma. The unions also cited other results similar to those in the Harvard study, and recent work that links the use of silicofluoride fluoridating agents with increased lead levels in water.

Fluoridation of public water supplies began after World War II in order to fight tooth decay. Decades later, health concerns arose as cities began reporting increased bone deformities. About 145 million American citizens regularly drink fluoridated water.

The unions’ position may be read in full at: http://nteu280.org/Issues/Fluoride/fluoridesummary.htm

  • BillyWhelan

Congratulations shared

Congratulations to Aaron Rozon for being one of 40 finalists in the Discovery Channel’s Young Scientist Challenge! He deserves credit for his outstanding achievement and a job well done.

The Garden Island article (Friday, September 16, 2005) states that Aaron is an 8th grade Island School student, but it did not say that he only transferred there one week ago. As a friend and former classmate of Aaron’s at Kapa`a Middle School, I would like to point out that the work done for his winning project, “Just When You Thought it was Safe to Get Back in the Water,” was done during the 2004-2005 student year when he attended Kapa’a Middle School under the supervision and direction of science teacher, Mrs. Traci Sullivan.

Mrs. Sullivan is an energetic and caring teacher who believes in her students and encourages them to get excited about science and to do their best. I think Aaron would agree that Mrs. Sullivan was a driving force that helped him get to where he is today. Mrs. Sullivan is an awesome teacher who is currently taking time off to be with her family. Her students look forward to the time that Mrs. Sullivan will come back and share her love of science with us again!

  • Kara Dastrup

Supreme Court needs Judge Roberts

The authors of “Answers lacking” and “Roberts is the Wrong Choice” (9/18/05) display the same lack of knowledge of the actual facts as the Democrats on the Judicial Committee did of their knowledge of the law and the Constitution.

Judge Roberts’ calm demeanor, and impeccable knowledge of the law made fools and a total mockery of his Inquisitors. And make no mistake: that is EXACTLY how Schumer, Biden, Kennedy, and Feinstein performed.

The authors make the fallacious claim that Roberts could not answer “the majority of the questions put to him.” Apparently the authors weren’t paying very close attention. Virtually all of the answers he didn’t answer were ones that he DECLINED to answer, just the same as when Ginsberg refused to answer over 60 questions put to her during HER confirmation hearing, and he did so for the very same reasons. In fact, if one knows their history, Sen. Biden not only agreed with her not answering questions regarding cases that might come before her, he recommended that she not. But now that a conservative has been nominated, Biden seems to have forgotten his earlier words. Typical of the left.

Roberts affirmed that he will not rely on foreign law when deciding on cases. He made it a point to say that he will decide cases according to the law and to the Constitution, and that he will not legislate from the bench or favor special interest groups, but will apply the law equally and fairly.

For these, and numerous other reasons, Judge Roberts is just what is needed to bring the Supreme Court back in line with American law and jurisprudence, and will not only make an excellent Chief Justice, but would have been an excellent choice even as an Associate SC judge.

Judge Roberts will be confirmed, and to the left, I say, get over it!

  • Kent D. Gibboney

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