Letters for Thursday — September 08, 2005

• Bring National Guard home now

• Sheer stupidity

Bring National Guard home now

When I was a policeman in Berkeley, Calif., in the ’60s, working burglary detail, and somebody from Oakland comitted a burglary, the entire Berkeley Police Department didn’t go attack the city of Oakland. We investigated, determined who was responsible, arrested them and put them in prison.

When individual terrorists attacked the Trade Center, individual terrorists should have been the focus, not the country of Iraq.

With today’s electronic technology, satellite photography, and modern intelligence gathering, ten five-man special forces squads could have had every al-Queda terrorist either in custody or eliminated by now. It is not too late, an International Terrorist Apprehension/Elimination Team could get the job done at a fraction of the cost ot Bush’s Vietnam in Iraq. Bring the National Guard home now.

If prevention of civil war is our reason for being there, we will be there forever. Get our troops out of Iraq, out of Germany, out of Japan, and out of other countries that can take care of themselves. Where in the Constitution does it give the right of the President, Congress, or anybody else the power to make sure the rest of the world has the same type of government as the United States? Our system is FUBAR and the situation is “Shades of Rome”. When is our Congress going to take control, for God’s sake.

  • Rich Hoeppner

Sheer stupidity

Recently, I witnessed and heard another person talking about some idiots doing dangerous and assinine maneuvers at the Kapa’a roundabout.

As I was heading home one evening, I was shocked to see a truck zooming out of the road meant for traffic coming off the roundabout and onto the road leading to the transfer station (after a full stop). Someone else saw the same thing happen on another night.

Another person saw some reckless drivers zooming round and round the circle at high speed one night. Definitely an accident waiting to happen.

It doesn’t matter how well-designed a road is if people don’t use it properly.

  • Landie Silva

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