Letters to the Editor for Thursday — October 09, 2003

• Not so independent?

• Right on, Stan

Not so independent?

Recent letters to the editor and Senator Hooser’s own statements, have claimed that he is an “independent Democrat” dedicated to the welfare of the people of Kaua‘i. However, a review of the his Campaign Spending Commission reports on file at the County Clerk’s office show a politician who is supported by a number of special interests who may not have the welfare of the people of Kaua‘i at heart.

He has accepted substantial contributions from such traditional Democrat Party supporters as union groups on O‘ahu and even Alameda, California as well as trial lawyers and their organization. In contrast to his statements about maintaining our way of life on Kaua‘i, he accepted large contributions from numerous real estate and development firms including one company in Los Angeles. He has also accepted donations from several local helicopter companies.

This information, available in public records, shows that Senator Hooser is far from being independent and he accepts contributions from special interests, even those whose goals differ from his public policy statements.

Betty Chandler,


Right on, Stan

Re: (TGI, Guest viewpoint, October 3.

We apparently did not learn anything from the prohibition of alcohol. We have spent billions of dollars on the “War on Drugs”. Have we won? No. We’ve ruined the lives of thousands of harmless people and their families. We’ve filled our prisons (at great expense) until the U.S. now has more people in prison than any other country.

If all drugs were legalized the price would drop and there’d be no profit in selling.

Certainly we should penalize appropriately the misuse of drugs by persons responsible for the lives and safety of others, such as airline pilots, surgeons, or automobile drivers, as we try to do now with alcohol abuse. We should provide addiction treatment for those who want it.

For anyone interested, there is an organization working on this problem: The Drug Policy Alliance, 70 W. 36th St., 16th Floor, New York, NY 10018. www.drugpolicy.org, Phone (212) 613-8020. Fax (212) 613-8021.

For the record, I’m 82 years old and my recreational drug is chocolate.

Thanks, Stan!

Eleanora K. Dalton,



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