These custom-built isle vacations aim to change lives, revive spirits

Oftentimes, simply a Kaua’i vacation, or even the thought of one, is enough to send spirits soaring.

A locally based company has taken that concept several steps further, offering custom-designed Kaua’i vacations nearly guaranteed to be life-altering experiences.

Pure Kauai Health & Fitness Vacations, Inc. is not a brand-new company, but the concept of offering customized vacation packages that virtually guarantee “life-changing results” is a new direction in fitness tourism for Kaua’i.

Personalized programs in fitness, cuisine, life-coaching, body-work, and more, are custom-tailored based on information company representatives get from those coming to the island seeking more than just rest and relaxation, said Phil Jones, company president.

Based on goals, interests and intentions made known by the visitors, the Pure Kauai crew puts together activities, meals, accommodations, and other happenings designed to meet that individual’s needs, he said.

Each vacation is carefully designed to promote optimal health by creating a customized program that addresses specific goals and desires, he explained.

If people want to lose weight, lots of hiking, and five-meal days with small portions might be the tonic. If people want to gain muscle mass, lots of weightlifting is included with bountiful meals.

“It’s a transformational process for people,” said Laura Prince, a host and guide with Pure Kauai. It can and does change people’s lives, she said.

“We show people how to live so they can take it home with them,” said Jones, whose company promises “that you will experience life-changing results and gain the knowledge and skills to expand upon these benefits long after you return home.”

The personalized service starts long before the airport pickup, as Jones said written information and verbal signals from guests help determine the exact island itinerary for each guest.

“We can make a difference in 10 days, but in six weeks they’re transformed,” Jones said of his guests. “The longer the better.”

Pure Kauai representatives can even be hired to make once-a-week consultation calls to those experiencing Pure Kauai’s life lessons, designed to make sure clients stay on track with their desired life changes once they’re back home.

“Every person is unique. There is a way to do it,” Jones said.

Hawaiian history and culture play pivotal roles in the transformations, as does the awesome physical beauty of the island, and a long list of healers, life coaches, activities experts, and others that Jones has assembled.

Intentions of visitors are set in a Hawaiian way, and if healing is the desire, sometimes just being outdoors on Kaua’i is enough, said Prince.

“It’s healing just being here,” said Prince, adding that she’ll do whatever it takes to make guests feel good, “to empower them, to see the beauty in themselves” while enjoying the beauty of the island.

Initially, Jones, who used to take thousands of people on ski vacations from Los Angeles as former owner of L.A. Ski & Sun Tours, thought of Malibu as the site for health and fitness vacations.

Kaua’i won for obvious reasons, like cleaner air and more majestic surroundings, and lots of therapists, yoga teachers and healers in residence, Jones said.

Sealing the deal is the fact that Jones’ wife, near-lifetime Kaua’i resident Ashley Siebring-Jones, massage therapist to the stars, is an important cog in the operation.

Hanalei Bay Resort rooms or vacation rentals are the accommodations to choose from, with the business decidedly North Shore-focused.

The business has enjoyed some large groups, including a fitness company from California. Mostly, though, the service has been utilized by couples, some of them from as far away as Hong Kong, England and France, learning about the company through its Web site,

The customized service runs from around $2,000 to $6,000 a week, which includes food, room, transportation, classes, and other amenities.

Winston Wellborn and Wasabi Design did much of Pure Kauai’s Web site, with help from Tradewind Graphics.

The eclectic lineup of hosts, guides and instructors include fitness trainers, travel planners, massage therapists, yoga instructors, Pilates instructors, “tropical chef” Jay Sklar, a medical doctor, a living-foods chef, certified nutritionists, scuba instructors, surfing instructors, kite-sailing instructors, personal coaches, and others.

There’s even Steve Veillette, a Professional Golfers’ Association of America teaching professional and Reiki therapist, who teaches “The Art of Zen Golf: Lessons for Self-Mastery.”

In addition to brushing up on stroke mechanics, Veillette’s coaching abilities give participants the chance to lower handicaps while elevating minds, awakening potentials and transforming lives.

For stiff muscles after a round, he offers therapeutic Reiki treatments using aromatherapy, essential oils and light touch.

Jones still owns the Muscle Truck Company, which builds and rents mobile fitness gyms for movie celebrities to train while on location. The company runs itself, so he can spend nearly all his time on Kaua’i.

That company’s clients include Russell Crowe, Keanu Reeves, Kevin Spacey and Jim Carrey.

For more information on Pure Kauai, please call 639-8265, toll-free 1-866-457-PURE (1-866-457-7873), or e-mail Jones at

Business Editor Paul C. Curtis can be reached at or 245-3681 (ext. 224).


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