Sport of paintball on the rise in Kaua’i

It’s a game of high speeds and chest-pumping adrenaline rushes. It’s a game of running, sliding and dodging balls.

It’s a game of hide-and-seek, one could say – you liked it as a kid, and you love it as an adult.

It’s paintball, and it’s a game that has shot its way to becoming the fastest growing sport in Hawaii today.

Paintball has been around for many years, but only recently has Hawaii taken notice. Not many people on Kaua’i have been exposed to the game until recently – there are a small number of paintball players on the island that have been fiddling around with the game for the last two years.

Right now there are a couple hundred people who play paintball on Kaua’i for fun with about a half dozen teams circulating around the island.

Some take it more serious than others, and today many Kauaian paintballers don’t just play recreationally, but practice to compete in the sport.

Consequently, a club is being formed to help usher the sport as a mainstay on Kaua’i. The club is trying to form an all-women’s team to bring to outer-island tournaments.

All women and girls 10-and-older who might be interested please call Desiree Duclayan at 742-0343.

For a little extra knowledge about what it entails to be a paintballer, here is a description of the game:

– First, you start out with what the world of paintballers know is a paintball marker. This is what you use to tag your opponent with. Then you’ll need about a half case of paintballs, this will vary depending on how many balls you choose to throw from your markers at your opponents. You’ll also need a good paintball mask not to be mistaken with protective eye wear, in this game it is essential that you wear proper head gear to protect your head, face and eyes, and last but not least a barrel plug.

– Next, you pick teams which will vary anywhere from 3 to 10 players per team. Each team lines up on opposite side of a field that will vary in size (usually about 40 to 50 yards) until the referee counts down. Once the game begins the players scatter fiercely to find a safe bunker to hide behind without getting tagged by a paintball first. The team that wins the game is the first team to eliminate all of the players from the opposite team first. Sounds like fun, but not without a catch. When you do get tagged by a paintball, and you will, believe me, it will leave you with a stinging sensation, not to mention a bruise the size of a quarter for a day or two. So why would anyone put their bodies through this purposely you ask? It’s all about the adrenaline rush. The excitement of who can get who first or who can hide better.

– If you would like to watch a friendly game of competition or even join in on the fun call for directions to the field.

– Oh, in case you were wondering, paintball is one of the safest sports around when playing it with all the proper gear. It is said that more people get hurt playing a friendly game of soccer or baseball then playing paintball.


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