Mokihana Fun Meet – Final Day

LIHUE – The second day of the Mokihana Fun Meet took place Sunday at the Kaua’i High School swimming pool in Lihue.

Listed below are the top two finishers for each event, starting from event 71 and running through event 139.

200-yard IM

In the Girls 18-under division, Mokihana’s Katelyn Umetsu took first place with a 2:34.50. Jamie Sibayan placed second with a 2:41.50.

In the Boys 18-under division, Keenan Anaya scorched to first with a 2:16.44. Perry Kai placed second with a 2:22.78.

Mokihana’s Roxy Dubois took the B division of the Girls 13-14 age group, finishing in the time of 2:56.73. Kirsten Eichner of Barbers Point took second in 2:59.51.

In the Boys 13-14 Boys B division, Kyson Gusukumo came out on top with a 2:42.70 while Luke Shimabukuro placed second with a 2:59.81.

100-yard IM

In the Girls 11-12 B division, Mokihana’s Meaghan Sims placed first with a 1:25.03. Amanda Tanner took second with a 1:32.03.

In the Boys 11-12 B division, Tyson Chihara of Mokihana finished first with a 1:22.74. Micah Shibano of Maui Gold placed second in 1:24.07.

Megan Takakura of Maui Gold won the Girls 11-12 A division with a 1:10.82. Kelsey Naruse took second in 1:19.38.

Mokihana’s Randy Umetsu won the Boys 11-12 A division with a 1:16.40. Kelsey Tanaka placed second with a 1:18.91.

It was all Maui Gold in the Girls 10-under B division. Kylie Kawano took first with a 1:30.97. Jenna Shibano took second with a 1:35.03.

In Boys 10-under B division, Mokihana’s Robby Farias took first with a 1:49.26; Maui Gold’s Charles May took second.

For the Girls 10-under A division, Barbers Point’s Kanani Mazzone placed first with a 1:23.91. Keyah-Leilani Agoot took second with a 1:25.68.

100-yard Backstroke

Katelyn Umetsu won her second event of the day in the Girls 18-under division. She finished with a 1:12.83. Danielle Yost placed second with 1:14.68.

For the boys 18-under, Keenan Anaya again came out on top with a 1:01.90. Perry Kai placed second with a 1:03.26.

In the Girls 13-14 B division, Maui Gold’s Naomi May won in 1:25.35. Mokihana’s Torrey Ikeda took second with a 1:26.78.

Mokihana’s Paris Mackey placed first in the 13-14 B division for the boys. He finished in 1:16.97. Tyson Gusukuma took second in 1:21.93.

50-yard Backstroke

In the Girls 11-12 C division, Mokihana’s Kellie Oshiro took top honors with a 47.19. Natalie Eichner took second with a 49.07.

Mokihana’s Tyson Chihara finished with a 41.06 om the 11-12 boys B division.

In the Girls 11-12 A division, Maui’s Megan Takakura took first with a 32.49; Kelsey Naruse took second with a 36.44.

In the 11-12 Boys A division, Randy Umetsu took first place in the time of 35.74. Maui’s Micah Shibano took second with a 37.55.

In the Girls 10-under division, Mokihana’s Kesia Anaya placed first with a 46.52; Deandra Fong took second with a 56.52.

For the Boys 10-under C division, Mokihana’s Robby Farias placed first with a 53.51; Allen Cuadro took second with a 55.69.

In Girls 10-under B division, Keyah-Leilani Agoot took top honors with a 43.28. Maui’s Lael Barber was second with a 49.00.

Kanani Mazzone took first in the A division for Girls 10-under. She finished with a 40.03. Mokihana’s Tori Kobayashi took second with a 43.29.

For the Boys 10-under A bracket, James Matsui of Maui took top honors with a 46.25.

25-yard Backstroke

Stacie Cuadro of Maui took first in the Girls 6-under division with a 30.33. Barbers Point’s Derek Tanizaki took first for the Boys 6-under with a 24.66.

In Girls 8-under C division, Mokihana’s Kelly Culliney took first with a 27.69; Barbers Point’s Anela Mazzone took second with a 29.99.

Mokihana’s Matthew Holzman won the Boys 8-under C division in the time of 24.97. Carter Suzuki of Maui took second with a 32.10.

50-yard Freestyle

Danielle Yost of South Snohomish won the Girls 18-under bracket with a 28.70. Mokihana’s Jamie Sibayan placed second with a 28.73.

Keenan Anaya won the Boys 18-under division over teammate Perry Kai with a 25.31. Kai finished with a 26.13.

For the Girls 13-14 B division, Naomi May of Maui Gold won with a 31.19.

For the Boys 13-14 B division, Mokihana’s Kyson Gusukuma took first with a 28.99; Freddi Maglangit took second with a 32.03.

For the Girls 11-12 C bracket, Mokihana’s Michelle Woltmon placed first with a 38.38. Kellie Oshiro took second with a 38.46.

In the Girls 11-12 B bracket, Taylor Thompson of Barber Point took first with a 39.68. Tyson Chihara of Mokihana won the Boys B division with a 31.97.

Maui’s Megan Takakura scorched the Girls 11-12 free A division with a 28.81. Maui’s Micah Shibano won the Boys 11-12 A division with a 30.43. Kelsey Tanaka of Mokihana placed second with a 30.75.

For the Girls 10-under C division, Sinead Sims of Mokihana took first place with a 44.34. Megan Chock finished second with a 48.29.

Mokihana’s Bobby Farias won the Boys 10-under C division in 39.83. Maui’s Gregory Ibara took second with a 45.43.

It was all Mokihana in the Girls 10-under B division. Kesia Anaya took first with a 38.61; Chelsea Chock took second with a 51.21.

For the Girls 10-under A division, Kanani Mazzone of Barbers Point won in 34.34. Mokihana’s Keyah-Leilani Agoot was right behind with a 34.66.

25-yard Free

Kelly Culliney won the Girls 8-under C division in 22.34. Anela Mazzone came in second with a 25.54. For the Boys 8-under C division, Matthew Holzman took top honors with a 17.43.


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