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WAIMEA — The Garden Island Classic Softball Tournament will begin on Friday, July 26, and will run through Sunday, July 28.

The tourney, which will take place at both the Waimea Canyon and Kekeha fields, will harbor over 25 teams from various states around the country.

The format of the tourney is “pool play” with double elimination. Each game has a time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Games may end in a tie. A TKO rule is in effect, where if the lead is stretched to 15 runs after three complete innings or 8 runs after five complete innings, the game will be called. In elimination games, a tie at the end of 7 complete innings will lead to a tie breaker in accordance to Rule 5 Section 11 ASA Official of Softball 2002 edition.

12-under division

— The 12-under division features teams from California, Maui, the Big Island and Oahu. The Valley Bad Grrlz and the So. Cal Patriots represent California. Kupa’a has come from Maui. Kalohe is from Oahu and the Baby Blues represent Kona. Waena is the team representing Kaua’i in the 12-under age group:

Pool A: Valley Bad Girrrlz, Kupa’a, Waena

Pool B: SoCal Patriots, Kalohe, Baby Blues

The schedule:

Day 1 (7/26) — Kekaha (Field)

8:30: Kupa’a vs Waena (K2)

8:30: Kalohe vs Baby Blues (K3)

10:00: VB Grrrlz vs Kupa’a (K2)

11:30: SoCalPat vs Kalohe (K2)

11:30: Waena vs VB Grrrlz (K3)

1:00: Baby Blues vs SoCalPat (K2)

2:30: VB Grrrlz vs Kalohe (K2)

2:30: SoCalPat vs Kupa’a (K3)

4:00: Waena vs Baby Blues (K2)

Day 2 (7/27) — Kekeaha (Field)

8:30: B2 vs (1) A3 (K2)

8:30: A2 vs (2) B3 (K3)

10:00: A1 vs (3) W1 (K2)

11:30: B1 vs (4) W2 (K2)

11:30: L1 vs (5) L2 (K3)

1:00: L3 vs (6) L4 (K2)

2:30: W3 vs (7) W4 (K2)

2:30: W5 vs (8) W6 (K3)

4:00: L7 vs (9) W8 (K2)

Day 3 (7/28) — Waimea Canyon

8:30: W7 vs (10) W9 (W2)

10:00: If Necessary (W2)

14-under division

— The 14-under division features teams from Colorado and Oahu. The Comets have come from the Rockies to represent Colorado. Palolo, the Sunflowers and Kapolei came from Oahu. And Waena and West Kaua’i will have the home field advantage.

Pool A: Comets, West Kaua’i, Palolo

Pool B: Sunflowers, Waena, Kapolei

Day 1 (7/26) — Kekaha

8:30: West Kaua’i vs Palolo (K1)

10:00: Waena vs Kapolei (K1)

10:00: Palolo vs Comets (K3)

11:30: Kapolei vs Sunflowers (K1)

1:00: Comets vs West Kaua’i (K1)

1:00: Sunflowers vs Waena (K3)

2:30: West Kaua’i vs Kapolei(K1)

4:00: Comets vs Waena (K3)

4:00: Sunflowers vs Palolo(K1)

Day 2 (7/27) — Kekaha

8:30: B2 vs (1) A3 (K1)

10:00: A2 vs (2) B3 (K3)

10:00: A1 vs (3) W1 (K1)

11:30: B1 vs (4) W2 (K1)

1:00: L1 vs (5) L2 (K1)

1:00: L3 vs (6) L4 (K3)

2:30: W3 vs (7) W4 (K1)

4:00: W5 vs (8) W6 (K1)

5:30: L7 vs (9) W8 (K1)

Day 3 (7/28) — Waimea Canyon

8:30: W9 vs W7 (W1)

10:00: If Necessary (W1)

The 18-under division features teams from California, Illinois, Texas, Colorado, and Oahu. The West Coast Predators, the So Cal Waves, Quick Turn, and the Bencia Outlaws will each travel from California. Other mainland teams: The Orlan Park A’s have come from Illinois, the Iowa All Stars have come from Iowa, the CR Classics from Colorado, and the Hot Shots are from Texas. The Kamikazis, Wailau 1, Ho’omana and Na Kolohe represent Oahu. From Kaua’i, Na Wahine will represent the 18-under age group.

Pool A: Predators, Orlan Park A’s, SoCal Waves, Kamikaze

Pool B: Iowa, Quick Turn, Shooting Stars, Wailau, Ho’omana

Pool C: CR Classics, Outlaws, Hot Shots, Na Kolohe, Na Wahine

Day 1 (7/26) — Waimea Canyon

8:30: Predators vs Orlan Park (W1)

8:30: Iowa vs Quick Turn (W2)

8:30: CR Classics vs Hot Shots (W3)

10:00: SoCal Waves vs Kamikaze (W1)

10:00: Wailau vs Ho’omana (W2)

10:00: Outlaws vs Na Kolohe (W3)

11:30: Predators vs SoCalWaves (W1)

11:30: Iowa vs Shooting Stars (W2)

11:30: Na Wahine vs CR Classics (W3)

1:00: Kamikaze vs Orlan Park (W1)

1:00: Quick Turn vs Ho’omana (W2)

1:00: Outlaws vs Hot Shots (W3)

2:30: Predators vs Kamikaze (W1)

2:30: Wailau vs Iowa (W2)

2:30: Na Wahine vs Na Kolohe (W3)

4:00: Orlan Park vs SoCalWaves (W1)

4:00: Shooting Stars vs Quick Turn (W2)

4:00: CR Classics vs Outlaws (W3)

5:30: Na Wahine vs Hot Shots (W1)

7:00: Ho’omana vs Shooting Stars (W1)

Day 2 (7/27) — Waimea Canyon

8:30: Wailau vs Shooting Stars (W1)

8:30: CR Classics vs Na Kolohe (W2)

8:30: Predators vs Ho’omana (W3)

10:00: Orlan Park vs Iowa (W1)

10:00: SoCalWaves vs Quick Turn (W2)

10:00: Kamikaze vs Outlaws (W3)

11:30: B1 vs (1) C5 (W1)

11:30: B2 vs (2) C3 (W2)

11:30: C2 vs (3) A4 (W3)

1:00: A1 vs (4) C4 (W1)

1:00: A3 vs (5) B3 (W2)

1:00: A2 vs (6) B4 (W3)

2:30: C1 vs (7) B5 (W1)

2:30: WIN 1 vs (8) WIN 2 (W2)

2:30: WIN 3 vs (9) WIN 4 (W3)

4:00: WIN 5 vs (10) WIN 6 (W1)

5:30: WIN 8 vs (11) WIN 9 (W1)

7:00: WIN 7 vs (12) WIN 10 (W1)

Day 3 (7/28) — Waimea Canyon

10:00: WIN 11 vs WIN 12 (W1)


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