Board of Education fights hate and fear

Your inclusion of the Associated Press article about anti-harrssment policy for

gay students (Sept. 18) pandered to one side of the issue.

That article

never included the reason for the addition of sexual orientation into existing

anti-harrassment guidelines already enforced by the Board of Education: School

districts on the mainland are being sued by parents angry at the treatment,

oftentimes violent, inflicted on sons and daughters without school officals

stepping in to stop it, and for the failure of school districts to provide a

safe learning environment for all students.

Parents are getting sick and

tired of emergency room and hospital visits. They’re getting sick and tired of

the unnecessary emotional problems vested upon their children for the mere

suspicion of being lesbian or gay. And they’re doing something about it –

going to court and winning big settlements. Settlements that taxpayers must


Kudos to the Board of Education for taking the steps necessary to

ensure the safety of students, and kudos to the board for trying to prevent

undue harm, both physical and emotional, to our young people and their parents,

despite the efforts of hate and fear-mongering, rightwing, intolerant zealots.

And kudos to the board of for trying to keep the taxpayers’ money where it

belongs – in the classroom, benefitting all of our students.





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