‘Private’ agency should not get taxpayer funding

The Boy Scout phrase”morally straight” does not mean heterosexual. The

Boy Scout code, including that phrase, predates the use of the

word”straight” to define heterosexuality.

Once upon a time, teaching

ignorance, bigotry and discrimination would have been in direct opposition to

being”morally straight.” However, the Boy Scouts apparently believe that

maligning a group of people, misrepresenting who and what they are, slandering

them and their intentions, is part of this new morality of theirs.


If that’s what they want, so be it. The courts have supported their right to


The difference between the New Jersey Supreme Court ruling and

the US Supreme Court ruling is the determination whether or not the Boy Scouts

are a public or private organization. NJ ruled that they were public, the US

sees them as private. It is now up to the taxpayers and our government to make

sure that the BSA really and truly are private. No public, taxpayer funding.

No free or discounted rent for use of schools or other public buildings.


the BSA chooses to to teach division, discrimination and exclusion, let them do

it at the expense of those who support such un-American activities. The rest

of us should not be expected to pay for it. Bad enough we have to tolerate

such behavior in our country, but we won’t pay for it.




Opposed to heliport

To the Forum:

We are

opposed to the extension of Burns Field as a heliport for the following


* The ancient native Hawaiian salt-making ponds and its’

“keepers” will be disturbed by the noise pollution; the salt pans themselves

may be polluted by the dust and debris produced by aircraft.

* The

endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals that frequent the beaches adjacent to Burns

Field may be frightened (away) by the aircraft noise.

* Salt Pond

will be spoiled by noise pollution and be less attractive to our tourists;

also, it remains one of the few safe beaches on Kaua’i, for not only our local

population, but also for our visitor population, including eco-tourists.

(Because of the state of the world, eco-tourism will continue to grow in


* Rocky Puolo Point, makai of Burns Field, offers one

of the most breathtaking views of open space that Kaua’i has to offer,

appreciated by Hawaiians for many centuries. Aircraft hangars at Burns Field

would seriously degrade this sweeping view.

The salt pans serve as a

sanctuary for migratory bird species such as the endangered Bristle-thighed

Curlew, as well as our resident water birds (Blacknecked Stilt) and waterfowl

such as Koloa (Hawaiian Duck). This function has been, and would continue to

be, degraded with increasing aircraft activity.

The Bums Field expansion

will inherently come with noise pollution and the hype of the private

enterprise (helicopter business). We want the Salt Pond “sanctuary” and the

coastline adjacent to it preserved for humans and wildlife free from the stress

of that kind of activity.

We call on the Mayor and the planning commission

to seriously consider the environmental impact of the Burns Field expansion and

vote to relocate the heliport to Lihu’e, adjacent to the


Anita Truso, et. al



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