Things have changed

I disagree with Mr. Greg Goodwin of Hanalei in his letter to the Forum of June

21 about the people of Kaua’i and that they have a plantation mentality. Maybe

sixty to seventy years ago this would be correct. But time changes things. He

states that most people on Kaua’i exhibit a complaisant subservience coupled

with an inborn inferiority complex. No wonder he never won an election in the

last two decades, if he feels this way about the people that were born and

raised on Kaua’i, like myself.

Since Mr. Goodwin is so smart, why did he

not form a co-op or corporation with his friends from Hanalei, Chuan &

Neil, and buy the Kaua’i Electric from Citizens Utility? Then they would be

able to use the $9 million a year that KE was sending to Citizens’ stock

holders on the mainland per year in their pockets. This way he would be bidding

against larger electric companies that would love to come to Kaua’i and reap

that large profits they saw that KE was making. The price would have three fold

from what it is now, and again we would see these profits go to the


He states that the plantation mentality will prevail on Kaua’i as

long as the plantation owners/managers wish it to be so, since there does not

seem to be in the hearts and souls of their servants either a will or desire to

do more than serve and satisfy the seemingly unassailable right of their


Well, Mr. Goodwin, the plantations are now down to two on this

island, not to many people now work for these two that are left. The two that

are left do not swing much weight economically for the island of Kaua’i or, for

that matter, politically for the island.

No one at the KIUC is possessed of

fatally flawed ideals which are founded upon shameless hypocrisy and deception,

and the only people on this island that have these flawed ideals are you, Mr.

Goodwin, Chuan and Neil.

People should read the letter after Mr. Goodwin’s

in the same paper from another person born and raised on this island, Mr. Keith


There is a saying by Margaret Thatcher “Consensus politics is the

process of trying to satisfy people who have many opinions, few thoughts, no

facts and an unshakable belief in their own importance.”

Bill Bertrand



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