Kawaihau Majors close season

KAPA`A—The Kawaihau Majors closed off their regular season recently with the

season wrapup being provided here.

The Kawaihau Little League will be

hosting the state tournament at the Main Diamond from July 21 through July 27

for the Major Division (11- and 12-year olds) with the winner of that

tournament advancing to San Bernadino as Hawai`i’s representative.


for a fundraising drawing are available to help defray operating costs with

prizes being a week’s stay at The Cliffs, a new surfboard, a black pearl

pendant, and more. Tickets may be purchased from Kawaihau Little League

players, or by contacting Robert Purdue at 828-1557.

Phillies 7, Astros


Bronson Yadao picked up the win by pitching for five and a third

innings, striking out five with Josh Norell coming in relief.

Yadao backed

up his pitching by getting the Astros on the board with one of two hits that

yielded three runs.

Isaiah Jones picked up the other hit, ending with a

3-for-4 day with a pair of doubles and a triple.

Sean James, Micah Ohlen,

Kaz Swanson, and Kapena Seramur were also offensive factors for the


Shawn Morimoto, picking up a perfect 3-for-3 outing, moved the

Phillies with a double and two singles. Ekolu Allianic, Kameron Kelekoma,

Halem Medina, and Bronson Bautista were also strong.

Kamalu Umu started,

and was helped by Kelekoma who combined for 10 strikeouts.

White Sox

4, Angels 2

Moses Punzal picked up the win for the White Sox by allowing

just a single hit, 5 walks, and striking out 12.

Offensively, Scott Albers,

cranking into a single and a homerun, paced the White Sox bats that also saw

hits coming from Bryson Toda, Sean Cruz-Kamanuwai, and Punzal in the outing

that had the White Sox balancing their scoring with a pair of runs in the

second and sixth frames.

Joshua Teves and David Bynum crossed the plate for

the Angels with the sole hit coming from Tyler Teves.

Josh and Tyler Teves

worked the mound with Tyler going two innings giving up 2 hits and a pair of

walks and Joshua finishing in five innings giving up 3 hits, 4 walks, and

striking out nine.

Angels 3, Astros 2

The Astros struck first by

coming up with a run in the first inning behind the bats of Brnson Yadao and

Micah Ohlen, but the Angels answered back in the third with their first run

behind hits from Gabriel Roessler and Tyler Teves to even the match.


Norell and Isaiah Jones cranked hits to push another run across the plate for

the Astros in the fourth only to have the Angels answer back with a pair of

runs with help from Alan Hoffman, David Bynum, and Roessler’s second hit of the


Tyler Teves started on the mound for the Angels, going 4 innings and

giving up 5 hits, 6 walks, with a strikeout. Everett Awong entered in relief

and finished after giving up 3 walks and struck out one.

Ohlen went the

distance for the Astros, suffering the loss with 5 hits, 6 walks, and striking

out seven.

Dodgers 10, Astros 9

The Dodgers struck early, picking

up a pair of runs in the first frame behind hits from Kristine Sugai, Ashkhon

Kuhaulua, and a homerun from Kapena Cummings-Gardner.

A triple from Kenny

Dill combined with a single from Isiah Jones to power 3 runs across the plate

to put the Astros up by one in the third inning, and the bulge increasing in

the fourth inning as five more runs cross the plate behind a single by Dill and

a double from Josh Norell. Kyle Myers drove home the Astros’ final


That margin shrunk in the fifth inning as the Dodgers exploded for

eight runs with hits from Chyson Gray, CJ Maglinti, Shasteen Kahaunaele,

William Valente, and Ikaika Efhan. Evan Lotu came up with a triple.


pitched four innings for the win, giving up 4 hits, 5 walks, and striking out

five before being relieved by Kuhaulua who allowed a hit and struck out


Bronson Yadao worked the mound for the Astros, allowing 14 hits, no

walks, and striking out three in five and two thirds innings before Norell

finished by allowing a hit, no walks, and striking out one.

White Sox

8, Dodgers 10

The Dodgers pushed four runs across the plate in the first

inning enroute to handing the White Sox a rare defeat.

CJ Maglini and

Kristine Sugai paired hits with singles coming from Keith Rapozo and Evan

Lotu. Kapena Cummings-Gardner went 3-for-4 behind the plate.


Kuhaulua went the distance on the mound giving up 7 hits, a walk, and striking

out eight.

The White Sox did not take defeat easily as they also charged

off the blocks, coming up with a pair of runs behind hits from Bryson Toda,

Waylen Kupihea, and Jetson Wakuta.

Moses Punzal also added power behind the

plate, finishing with a single and a homerun.

Pitching duties were shared

by Bryson Toda (2 innings), Waylen Kupihea (1 inning), and Punzal (5 innings),

combining for 10 hits, 3 walks, and 11 strikeouts.

White Sox 4,

Phillies 3

A double by Moses Punzal and a single by Derek Saiki accounted

for 4 runs crossing the plate in the third inning for the White Sox’s


Charleson Low-Hoapili, Jetson Wakuta, Scott Albers, and Brian O’Brien

also had hits for the White Sox in the win.

Low-Hoapili started on the

mound for the White Sox and allowed a hit, 7 walks, and struck out four before

being relieved after three innings’ work by Bryson Toda who went three innings

allowing 3 hits, 3 walks, and striking out three. Punzal finished with a pair

of strikeouts and a ground-out.

Smart base running by Ekolu Allianic put

the Phillies on the boards in the first inning. Allianic also picked up a

double in the fourth frame to pace the Phillies’ bats with Kamalu Umu, Daniel

Rodrick, and Bronson Bautista also having good outings behind the


Umu went the distance on the mound for the Phillies giving up 6

hits, 3 walks, and striking out three.

Angels 10, Dodgers 3


Moreno led off the Angels’ bats in the first inning with a double to push four

runs across the plate only to have the Dodgers answer with two runs behind a

hit from Chyson Gray.

Everett Awong, Tyler Teves, and Kilika Dettloff were

also strong for the Angels with Kaleo Kaui coming up with a double.


Cummings-Gardner had the strong bat for the Dodgers, ending the day with a

single and a double.

Joshua Teves picked up the win for the Angels, going

the distance allowing 2 hits, no walks, and striking out five.

Ikaika Efhan

started for the Dodgers, and after giving up a hit, 3 walks, and striking out

four, was relieved after two innings by Ashkhon Kuhaulua who finished the

outing, allowing 7 hits, 2 walks, and striking out two.

White Sox 5,

Astros 0

Waylen Kupihea, Sean Cruz-Kamanuwai, Moses Punzal, and Scott

Albers paced the White Sox hitting in the shutout.

Despite hits from Isaiah

Jones, Micah Ohlen, and Josh Norell, the Astros could not push a run across the


Waylen Kupihea started on the mound for the White Sox and allowed 3

hits, 3 walks, and struck out 3 before being relieved in the third inning by

Chavis Higashi who worked two innings allowing a hit, a walk, and striking out

five before Charleson Low-Hoapili finished by walking one and striking out


Micah Ohlen started for the Astros, and after four innings, allowed 4

hits, 3 walks, and struck out four before Bronson Yadao and Josh Norell


Angels 10, Phillies 2

Kainoa Dejos and Gabriel Roessler

started things off for the Angels in the second inning with hits that pushed 3

runs across the plate.

Joshua Teves and K. Dejos continued with the hitting

to push another four runs across with J. Teves and Alan Hoffman hits in the

fifth inning moving 3 more runs home.

A double by Ekolu Allianic and a hit

from Kahai Nakano led the Phillies’ bats.

Tyler Teves went five innings on

the mound for the Angels, allowing a pair of hits, two walks, and striking out

two before Alan Hoffman relieved for an inning, striking out one to


Kameron Kelekoma gave up four hits, walked 3, and struck out two in

his 3 innings before Kahai Nakano entered for three innings allowing a pair of

hits, and walking one.


Minors: Wesley Abalos, Everett

Awong, Lyle Dettloff, Chyson Gray, Chandler Jacinto, Alan Kahaunaele, Evan

Lotu, CJ Mglinit, Harry Noone, James Noone, Matthew Ornellas, Bryston Rapozo,

Travis Shigeta, and William Valente-Gonsalves. Manager: George Abalos.

Coaches: Galen Shigeta and Kevin Noone.

Majors: Ekolu Allianic, Kapena

Cummings-Gardner, Kainoa Dejos, Kameron Kelekoma, Ashkhon Kuhaulua, Waylen

Kupihea, Charleson Low-Hoapili, Moses Punzal, Gabriel Roessler, Joshua Teves,

Tyler Teves, Bryson Toda, Kamalu Umu, Jetson Wakuta. Manager: Nathan Kupihea.

Coaches: William Allianic and Kiko Kaneali`i.


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