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Give Weir a break

o The Forum:RE: Reflections on Freedom by R. Culbertson


Culbertson’s letter was nothing less than a shameless public temper tantrum. He

laments his loss of freedom and concludes pleading for a system wherein “…the

freedom to speak and choose was as valued as the rich natural diversity of

these islands.”

He wails and moans blaming the WTO, crass commercialism

and refers to the market as a system of tyranny that thwarts “true freedom.”

All this from one who would do almost anything to trample upon and extinguish

the private rights in property of others; who heads up the local Sierra Club,

an organization that wastes no opportunity to trash property rights at every

turn. Give me a break.

Culbertson is really whining because he and his

“…faithful and idealistic friends…” the “…true problem solvers…” are

ticked off that not everyone else shares their dogmatic socialist and

anti-private property vision. This arrogant, elitist agenda is mainly about

telling we, the unenlightened, non-PhD, fools what is best for us. Such irony!

Crying out that his freedom is lost because he can’t forfeit ours and impose

his neo missionary will on us? In other words, if we don’t let him and his

“creative, true problem solvers” usurp our property rights then they are being

deprived of their freedom. Of course, as a properly unprincipled lot, he and

his comrades expect that the rules apply to all but themselves.

He cites

the cutting down and humiliating of one of his “… faithful and idealistic

friends…” which certainly refers to Judy Dalton’s experience at a recent

Planning Commission meeting. This incident has been brought up by several other

letters, the most recent by Glenn Mickens. Mickens characterized Dalton as a

“caring citizen” while castigating commissioners Baldwin and McDowel for asking

her “Personal” questions. Dalton, a Sierra Club comrade of Culbertson, was

giving testimony against the Kapalawai development proposal on the grounds that

its proximity to the shoreline rendered it “inappropriate.” Kapalawai is, of

course, someone else’s private property. Recall that she, Culbertson and the

Sierra Club have opposed every other development proposed as


Ironically, while Dalton was lobbying against the Kapalawai

development she was simultaneously pressing forward with her own oceanfront

development on Papaloa Road fronting Wailua beach. Incredibly, she is also

requesting that the Planning Commission grant her height and setback variances

in order that her project can get a view over and around the existing buildings

an either side of her. Do I smell the scent of arrogance mixed with hypocrisy

here? Perhaps the commissioners questions about her private property can now be

seen for what they were-an attempt to encourage a little


Maybe she can take the “high” road that she, Culbertson,

Stokes and others constantly rant about by dedicating her land as a public park

— you know, set an example demonstrating the left’s selfless ethos. Or, in

crass terms, put her money where her mouth is.

Frankly, I don’t care what

Dalton wants to do. It’s her property and she shouldn’t have to bow and scrape

before any commission or government agency — no property owner should have to.

But truly principled people take one path only and defend the rights in

property of all people. Picking and choosing one over the other doesn’t get it,

especially when you pick yours and trash the others’. When it comes to private

property it seems these unprincipled elitists live by the creed that says:

What’s mine is mine; What’s yours is ours.

R.S. Weir


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