Here we go againTo the Forum:

I’m responding to what appears to be a rekindling of the anti-abortion movement

on Kaua`i.

Here we go again. As well meaning as these groups are,

I’m tired of them trying to push their personal beliefs and morals on myself

and others.

I respect the rights of others to have their own personal

passionate beliefs, and I would hope they would respect my personal rights in

kind. But I cannot comprehend why, over and over again, we are forced to endure

individuals and/or groups exclaiming righteously that their beliefs are the

only correct ones, and we should all comply.

Do we all believe that

abortion is murder? Do we all belong to the same church? Do we all believe that

the only reason to marry is to procreate? Do we all belong to the same

political party? Do we all believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? In a

country that boasts of its freedom, I can only hope we all answered no to these

questions. Seeing as everyone does not think and feel as I do, I’m sure some

said yes a few times. But guess what? That’s okay!

We teach our

children to be free thinkers, to be leaders, and to reach toward the stars to

achieve their goals. Not yours and mine, but their own. We tell our children

that, ” if we were all the same, wouldn’t life be boring?”. It is

our differences that make us all special and unique. Our children learn from

our example.

I have made many decisions in my lifetime, for the most

part good with some bad. At times I have sought guidance form my family and

friends, but that’s all it could and should be, is guidance. In the end, right

or wrong, we all make our choices for ourselves.

With my parents’

permission, I can tell you that I am a product of an unexpected teen pregnancy.

Had abortion been legal 30 years ago, the outcome of my parents’ lives most

likely would have been much less difficult.

My mother might not have

dropped out of high school, my father might have completed more than one

semester of college. Although they tried, the marriage didn’t last long, and

they both spent the better part of the next 15 years struggling emotionally

and economically.

I’m curious as to what percent of the active

“Pro- Life” pickets across our nation have, or are willing to adopt

these “unexpected” children, if a woman’s right to choose is revoked

and she is forced to carry her pregnancy to term. Or become a foster parent to

the children born to parents not fit to be honored with the title.


a utopian (perfect) society we all get to marry the person we love. We all get

to celebrate our golden anniversary. Our children are all healthy and behave

like angels. Money is never a concern, and words like hunger, incest, rape and

murder don’t even exist. Unfortunately, the society we live in can sometimes be

cold, hard and very tragic.

Freedom to be your own person and making

your own decisions is what being “Pro- Choice” is about. Having or

not having a baby is probably the biggest life altering decision any woman can


The older and hopefully wiser I get, I’m finding that the old

saying about never judging someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes,

is really very good advice.

We should not be forced to have a child

anymore than we should not be forced to have an abortion. It’s all about

choices, so choose wisely.

Andrea R. Gray



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