In memory of Kaua’i drowning victims

* Jan 26, 1995. Andrew Dunson, Ohio. Hanakapi’ai Beach. Pounded by heavy surf

as he tried to climb onto rocks. Body not recovered.

* March 9, 1995. Steve

Alfonzo, Decatur, Ga. Kalalau Beach. Swept out to sea. Body not


* May 3, 1995. Eugene T. Jones, 59, Martinez, Calif. Koloa

Landing. Snorkeled from boat off Po’ipu.

* July 8, 1995. DeAngelo Yoshio

Sprewell, 14, Kapa’a. Loop Road, Kuamo’o Road in Wailua. Tried to rescue

brother, but got into trouble.

* July 29, 1995. John Seidenschwang, 58,

Garden City, New York. Marine Camp, Wailua. Walked along beach, was knocked

down and swept out to sea.

* Sept. 24, 1995. Joann McCarthy, 37, Running

Spring, Calif. Hanakapi’ai Beach. Swam with family and was pulled into water

by strong currents.

* Sept. 25, 1995. Swat Vahista, 45, Canada. Marine

Camp, Wailua. Swam with companion.

* Nov. 18, 1995. Jordan David Hoffman,

25, Berkeley, Calif. Hanakapi’ai Beach. Got caught in strong currents while


* Dec. 24, 1995. John McCullough, 40, Kansas City, Mo. Polihale

Beach. Swam beyond surf and got caught in strong currents.

* Jan. 6, 1996.

Harry Grabowski, 62, Heilbronn, Germany. Polihale Beach. Swam and body was

washed up on shore. Avid swimmer and cyclist.

* March 17, 1996. Harvey P.

Alisa, 37, La’ie, O’ahu. Kaumakani Camp. Scuba dived with friends and was

found1/2 mile offshore.

* April 9, 1996. Egbertuwehubert Fleischauer, 36,

Bonn, Germany. Lumaha’i Beach. Swam with tour group and struggled to get back

to shore.

* June 19, 1996. Clayton Ford, 59, Kansas City, Mo. Na Pali

Coast. Snorkeled with tour group and drifted away.

* Aug. 17, 1996.

Albaro Castellano, 24, Los Angeles, Calif. Kealia Beach. Swam with companion

and was swept out to sea. Died Aug. 28, 1996.

* Sept. 29, 1996. Martin

Scott Dumes, 36, Tucson, Ariz. Hanakapi’ai Beach. Tried to pick up empty bottle

in waist-deep water to keep beach clean and was swept out to sea.

* Sept.

30, 1996. Justin A. Leir, 35, of Kapa’a. Wailua Beach. Although not a good

swimmer, he went into the water.

* Jan. 13, 1997. Oren Nagasako, 25,

Honolulu. Blue Hole, Ha’ena Wet Cave. Swam with friends and failed to


* March 15, 1997. Eric Myers, 28, San Francisco. Kilauea Rock

Quarry. Swam and snorkeled with friends and disappeared from sight of friends.

* March 29, 1997. Shannon Smith, 20, Wailua. Waipahe’e Slippery Slide,

Anahola. Saved a 5-year-old child, but drowned.

* May 3, 1997. Richard

Carl Sinopoli, 40, Woodland, Calif. Queen’s Pond, Polihale. Got caught in

current while swimming with family. Rescue attempts by family failed.

* May

21, 1997. Steven Chegwidden, 35, Dallas, Texas. Hanakapi’ai Beach. Swam in

waist deep water and struggled to swim to shore.

* June 19, 1997. Glenn

Walter Crepps, 40, San Jose, Calif. Larsen’s Beach, Moloa’a. Snorkeled in bad

ocean conditions.

* Aug. 1, 1997. Mary Jane Mackenzie, 60, Auckland Beach,

New Zealand. Po’ipu. Scuba diving with tour group and was struck repeatedly by

large waves while trying to return to dive boat.

* Aug. 15, 1997. Ralph

Wayne Davis, 37, San Francisco, Calif. Kalihiwai Beach. Attempted to perform a

rescue but failed.

* Sept. 3, 1997. Frank A. Nisbet, 49, Kapa’a. Kilauea

Rock Quarry. Swam in river while intoxicated.

* Oct. 21, 1997. David Lee

Yundt Sr., 59, Greenville, Ohio. Polihale Beach Park. Waded in knee-deep water

with family, was knocked down and was caught in undertow.

* Jan. 18, 1998.

William Castillo, 58, Waimea. Ahukini, Lihu’e. Dove with friends and appeared

to be in distress after he surfaced.

* April 10, 1998. Marlon Batangan, 18,

‘Ele’ele. Loop Road in Wailua. Crossed river with girlfriend in deep, strong

flowing water and drowned.

* July 28, 1998. Daniel Carns, 20, Rector, Penn.

Kaua’i Beach Villas oceanfront. Surfed with friends, got hit by a large wave

and was pulled down by the undertow. Body was found the next day.

* Oct.

28, 1998. David Allison, 44, San Francisco. Hideaway Cove, Princeville.

Reported missing by friends. Body was found one-to-two miles south of


* Jan. 4, 1999. Raymond Montero, 38, Kilauea. Queen’s Bath,

Princeville. Picked ‘opihi with friends and got caught in currents.

* Feb.

2, 1999. Gordon Charles Jones, 86, Petaluma, Calif. Po’ipu Beach Park. Swam

with wife and got in trouble.

* April 12, 1999. Alan Dale Moss, 31,

Battleground, Wash. ‘Anini Beach. Swam 200 yards from shore, panicked and

ingested water.

* May 10, 1999. Sam Kolo, 69, Lihu’e. Nawiliwili Harbor.

Capsized in boat, swam to shore, hit by a large wave and was thrown back into

the ocean.

* May 24, 1999. Harold Rivera, 32, Hoffman Estates Ill. Kealia

Beach. Swam with family and got caught in current.

* Aug. 17, 1999.

Serafine Paul Duterte, 49, Hanama’ulu. Ahukini & Ninini Point, Nawiliwili.

Went fishing in a boat and failed to return home. Boat was located at Ninini

Point and body was found on Aug. 18.

* Aug. 28, 1999. Michael Patrick

Harrison, 45, Kapa’a. Kukui’ula Boat Harbor. Dove with brother while using air

tanks. Started bouncing and grasping for air.

* Oct. 19, 1999. Gene Reysz,

59, Newberg, Ind. Ke’e Beach, Ha’ena. Disappeared while walking on the reef.

Witness swam out to reef and found body floating on the surface.

* Oct. 23,

1999. Kevin McLaughlin, 29, Hanalei. Hanalei Bay. Body floating about five feet

from shore.

* Oct. 24, 1999. Jay E. Bovilsky, 55, New Haven, Conn.

Hanakapi’ai Beach. Walked along the beach, was knocked down by waves and was

swept out to sea.

* Nov. 16, 1999. Aurelia Frank, 59, New York, N.Y.

Hanakapi’ai Beach. Swam with husband and friends, hit by a large swell and was

taken under the water.

* Dec. 2, 1999. Larry Graffius, 45, Bridgetown, N.J.

Larsen’s Beach, Moloa’a. Snorkeled alone in rough water.

* Jan. 13, 2000.

Yoshio Takekuma, 75, Numila Camp, Numila. Went fishing and was found floating

in water.

* Feb. 25, 2000. Taeko Miyazaki, 65, Japan. Kalapaki Bay. Went

snorkeling and was found unconscious and floating in the water by her


* March 23, 2000. Jeffrey Raymond Knight, 35, Burbank, Calif.

Polihale Beach Park. While 75 yards off shore, he waved to friends sitting on

the beach. Later was pulled from water and unsuccessful efforts were made to

revive him.

* April 7, 2000. John Tilton, 66, Roseville, Calif. Beach

fronting Sheraton Kaua’i Hotel in Po’ipu. Went swimming and was found floating

face down four to five yards from shore. Earlier, he told his wife he wasn’t

feeling well.

* April 17, 2000. Harold Rice, Midway, UT. Lumaha’i Beach.

Went swimming and was brought back to shore. Died at Wilcox Hospital due to


May 25, 2000. John Telfer, 44, San Jose, Calif. Ke’e Beach.

Died while rescuing his wife when they were snorkling.


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