Stop the nonsense, Mr. RapozoTo the Forum:

I, for one, am getting tired of Douglas Rapozo’s constant stream of letters to

the forum expounding his views. This is a free country and he is free to think

as he pleases, but when he insists other people adhere to his principles he is

going too far.

He was very critical of Gini Stoddard’s views on abortion.

He forgets she has as much right to opinion as he does but she is not bound by

some righteous church propaganda.

Rapozo states men make the laws since

there are more of them in state and federal legislation. Therefore, they have

the right to control women’s lives. Such rubbish. To follow up, he states “and

we do not live in Communist China where state bureaucrats force females to kill

their unborn babies (whether they want to or not).

Yet he wants to force

women in the United States to have babies whether they want them or not, just

because he says so. Who the hell does he think he is? Undoubtedly he pushes

some church doctrine that was instilled into his mental process by church

brainwashing and he firmly believes that rubbish.

And he thinks life, or

the ability to exist, starts at union of egg and sperm. I’d like him to arrange

having a four-month fetus taken very gently by cesarean section out of a uterus

and watch it try to live by itself. Give me a break!!!

The Constitution

provides for freedom of religion and if he’s basing his advice on his religion,

it’s time to put an end to his trying to force his religion and/or ideas on

everyone else.

As for China, the population went from 400,000,000 to

800,000,000, to 1.2 billion in the last 50 years. They had to do something

about it and many of us agree that as a reproductive animal we are

overpopulating this earth and like the dinosaurs we shall kill off the human

race, millions at a time.

People would have said—if they were living

then—that the huge dinosaurs ruled the earth and were invincible.


So, stop the nonsense, Mr. Rapozo.

Ray T. Smith,


Princeville at Hanalei


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