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Editor Sue Dixon’s Sunday byline commentary, “Why Must Men Hurt Women?”

(TGI—4/2/00) was so deliciously presumptuous that it compels me to


It is not unthinkable for someone to turn around Dixon’s headline

and ask, even on the editorial page of the gynecocracy-run Garden Island paper,

the following: Why Must Women Hurt Men?

The question “Why must women hurt

men?” is a forbidden one and never asked within polite, liberal, democrat


Since 1973, when Justice Harry Blackmun got the Roe vs. Wade

ruling through the Supreme Court, it is estimated that about 18 million male

babies have been destroyed by women in the USA through pre-birth and

partial-birth abortions.

This legal but immoral butchery is truly

offensive. The unborn and partially-born aborted babies were totally innocent

victims. These destroyed babies lived within the complete domination of women

by virtue of biological circumstances.

Might should never make right.

Abortion is an act of female domestic violence. The woman’s body is the

domicile or home of the about-to-be-born child that is destroyed.

Women who

seek the desirable end to domestic violence should begin their concern at a

more personal and basic starting point: The womb.

Violence begets violence,

and the trashing of the sanctity of human life begins with the brutality

visited upon aborted babies. These little innocent victims had life needlessly

snuffed out of them, and their mangled bodies were wrapped in plastic bags and

tossed in dumpsters.

Civilized society should not allow women to treat

their unborn babies as used tissue paper.

Editor Dixon is being

hypocritical when writing eloquently about male domestic violence and not

including, in her concern, the female domestic violence of


Douglas E. Rapozo



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