OHA’s days are numbered

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) is a state agency providing

lawful goods and services depending on the race of human beings.

OHA is state-sponsored racism, and its existence is an insult

to the very foundation of American Government: “We hold these

truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

OHA’s race-based legislative mission violates the equal protection

clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The 14th

Amendment is addressed to the states within the nation. It prohibits

a state from denying to any person within its jurisdiction the

equal protection of the laws.

Currently, Hawai’i state law rewards one group of its citizens

with advantages while punishing other groups of its citizens by

denying them these same advantages.

The State of Hawai’i justifies this denial of equal protection

of its laws to its citizens by claiming that blood quantum and

ancestry are what counts in promoting its favored race. Consequently,

other races not having the required blood quantum and ancestry

are punished and prohibited from obtaining equal benefits.

It is dangerous, even NAZI-like, for government to provide or

deny advantages based on blood quantum, skin color, or ancestry.

Hawai’i’s state leaders who support the practice of using blood

quantum and ancestry as qualifying people for benefits are the

soul mates of the Nazis who advanced the cause of the “pure”

Aryan race at the expense of Jewish citizens in Germany.

Also, in Hawai’i today one hears talk of the USA’s treaty obligations.

However, U.S. Constitutional law is vastly superior to any and

all treaties. A treaty, at best, is a law and like any other law

it may be overturned by congressional means. By majority vote

the U.S. Congress can, and does, vacate or annul USA treaty obligations.

Also, in Hawai’i today one hears talk of settling alleged grievances

in international forums such as the United Nations. This idea

is bogus. The USA agreed only to participate in the United Nations

and to provide it with a large share of its funding.

The USA is not bound by treaty obligation to obey any UN directive

with which it disagrees. Treaties can only exist between sovereign

nations, and the United Nations is not a sovereign nation. Therefore,

the United Nations has no legal authority to do anything for anyone

in the USA that Congress has not authorized.

There will be more Supreme Court challenges to race-based law

in Hawai’i. The Rice vs. Cayetano Case was just the start of things

to come. As a result, OHA’s days are numbered.

[]Douglas E. Rapozo[]



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