Waste Not!To the Forum:

Congratulations to the House Judiciary Committee in their attempt to stop the

incredibly cruel and wasteful practice of shark finning. How interesting that

this practice is illegal in most U.S. waters but not around Hawai’i where the

shark was revered as a god.

What is it about people who feel entitled to

indulge their appetites with costly things like shark fin soup, deadly fish

dishes, thousand dollar bottles of wine, and remedies for impotence like tiger

penis or rhino horn? The rarer the item, the more its supposed curative

potential (maybe we should up the price of Viagra!)

Humans have always

squandered their resources and ignored the consequences to future generations.

How insolent to think God put everything here on earth for our pleasure. Don’t

underestimate the impact of man’s ruthlessness. Buffalo were once as plentiful

as ants on an anthill. Look at the East Coast fishery collapse of swordfish,

cod and salmon .

We “harvest” the ocean’s resouces with reckless

abandon forgetting that only a small percentage of that vast watery domain

actually produces the fish for which we troll. Those coastal areas are now

being inundated with pesticides, sewage and animal waste.

How much longer

can they sustain life? Ask the shrimpers in the Gulf of Mexico, they know. Or

the clam diggers in the Chesapeake Bay.

The warning signs are everywhere.

We ignore them at our own peril. We humans either need to reduce our

consumption or face the fact that we have squandererd our children’s and

grandchildren’s inheritance. Politicians call for paying down the national

debt. Let’s do that and add to it the natural resouces debt which we are

rapidly accumulating.

Connie Copenhaver



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