Wa I Hala: from the files of The Garden Island

80 years ago

MAKING TIME – Mr. Geo. H. Raymond, enterprising principal of

the Kapa’a school, is taking advantage of the extra time gained by the

temporary closing of the school during the present flu epidemic to have a small

playground house erected for the children.

THREE DOWN – Only three of

the Kapa’a teachers have so far been attacked by the flu. They are Mrs.

Sheldon, Miss Webb and Mr. D. Prigge, but all are reported to be on the road to


GETTING BETTER – The flu situation showed a lot of

improvement this week compared with last. So far, only seven deaths have

occurred as a result of the present epidemic and very few new cases are being

reported. Dr. Kuhns has fully recovered and is now attending to patients with

the aid of Dr. Patterson.

SAD NEWS – The sad news reaches us of the

death of Mrs. C.J. Holt of Nawiliwili. She had been sick only a few days. The

dread disease had undermined a fine constitution very speedily. Interment takes

place today from the Lihu’e Hawaiian Church.

Mrs. Holt, neé Eliza

Kahele, was of a good old Hawaiian family, widely known and greatly respected.

In physique as well as in bearing, disposition and character, she recalled the

old-time alii strain of Hawaiian, now every good cause, which she was those

qualities of courtesy, grace and dignity, which are peculiarly Hawaiian, and to

these were added the less common qualities of strength of character, initiative

, executive and endurance.

CANE FIRE – There was quite a serious cane

fire last Friday afternoon on the Lihu’e Plantation about half way between town

and the lighthouse. It was entirely accidental due to the burning of some trash

and stubble in an adjoining field which was being plowed. This fire got across

into the big cane and unfortunately no one was near to check it so that with

the strong wind it got a big start before a gang could be brought to the


Some 30 acres were burned, which however will be harvested without

material loss. Fortunately both mills are available.


SINGING? George Andrus, insurance man and leader of mob singing, well known on

Kaua’i, died of pneumonia in Honolulu last Wednesday.


FACE – Not content with the vast business which Ford has built up in the

automobile field he is now going into the street railway line of trade which he

promises to revolutionize by means of self-contained electric motor cars of

much high speed and greater power than the ordinary trolley car. They will

operate up to a speed of 75 miles an hour and will climb hills like cats, as

the ordinary Ford does.

66 Years Ago

From the March 6, 1934


AIRPORT OPEN – The Inter-Island Airways will start operating from the

Lihu’e airport on Thursday and will continue with regular calls at this port on

every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, according to an announcement made by

Stanley Kennedy, manager of the company, who made an inspection of the Lihu’e

airport this morning.

NAME THAT TRAIN – The 200 names were submitted

in the new name contest sponsored by the Kaua’i Railway co., which ended

Thursday. No decision has been reached by the judges due to the large number of

names and the closeness of the contest. As adopting a new name is a rather

serious matter, the judges are taking every deliberation in making their


The process of elimination is being used and it is hoped that by

next week the prize names will have been selected. Twenty-five dollars and ten

dollars in cash await the first and second prize winners.


– A. Medeiros, J.B Koki and Owen Konish from the office of the Secretary of

Hawai’i, arrived this morning from Honolulu in connection with visiting various

places on the island for the purpose of arranging a schedule for receiving

applications for certificates of Hawaiian birth.

…All applicants for

certificates will call at the various places mentioned to receive slips on

which will be the time and place of their appointment. The actual issuing of

certificates will take place after the entire schedule has been


OLD GRINDSTONE IN USE – The Richards Wieco grindstone with

diameter of 24 inches and circumference of 75.40 inches, operated by

foot-paddle and which has been in storage is now being used by metalwork


The grindstone is used chiefly for grinding large tools as it is made

of rough grad stone.

MERMAIDS POSE – “Baptista come here,” “You twins

stand over there,” (meaning Sukehira and Doi), “Matsuda sit down on the rock,”

“Anna cut the silly business,” “Holt, stand up,” “Betty, back, further

back—hold,” roared Mr. Clopton on Wednesday during third period when Mr. W.J.

Senda was taking pictures of the Physical Education girls swimming at

Nawiliwili beach near Mr. Charles Rice’s home. One of these inspiring pictures

will be used as one of the many features for the Ke Kuhiau this year.


girls posed as it they were blooming amateurs overjoyed to have contracts in a

moving pictured company, along the banks of the Kalapaki stream. Some sitting

in the stream, playing on the banks of the stream with sand or coral and others

standing erect along the banks, all with smiling faces—this was for the first


The Kalapaki stream was honored when Mr. Clopton, so excited with

the picture taking, absently-mindedly walked into the stream with his shoes and

socks on! What a Professor!

Mermaids sitting on the huge rock, others

swimming near by furnished the second exposure. It was quite a bit of work for

Mr. Senda, for the big waves were dashing in and out, throwing and pushing the

girls. The girls were thrilled at having the waves dash upon them but was Mr.

Senda getting impatient! With the sound of the whistle all girls stood still.

Snap went the camera and the day’s work was done.


James Cagney, whose screen appearances in the past have been pretty much

limited to the portrayal of gangsters, woman beater and other obnoxious types,

blossoms forth as a comedian in “Hart to Handle,” an amusing satire on press

agentry and other forms of high pressure publicity.

The picture will run

tomorrow at the Lihu’e Theatre for two performances, 2:30 and 7:30


39 Years Ago

From the March 8, 1961 issue


Mr. and Mrs. Edison F. McEntire of Hilo were nearly lost at sea yesterday when

their yacht Mary-Mac began taking aboard water 30 miles west of Honolulu. The

McEntires had spent a week or so at Nawiliwili on the first leg of a two-month

cruise around the islands. They left Nawiliwili Monday evening. Yesterday

afternoon they sent out a radio call for help, saying two of the three persons

aboard were sick and the yacht was sinking. A Coast Guard patrol boat from

Honolulu towed the Mary-Mac into Ala Wai Yacht Harbor at 4 a.m.


CALL – Thirty students in a school bus escaped injury when the bus struck a cow

near Lawa’i Monday afternoon.

Fausto Aguinaldo, 23, of Kekaha, told police

he was headed toward Lawa’i when he saw the cow on the makai side of the road

near Garden Island Mortuary.

He said the cow ran into his path without

warning. Mr. Aguinaldo braked the bus and swerved to his left, but could not

prevent the crash. The bus sustained damage to its right fender, hood and door

glass estimated at $150.

The cow broke both hind legs and had to be


BREAKING CURFEW – Policemen assigned to an expanded teen-age

detail Saturday night bagged more adults than teen-agers.

Fifteen boys

under 18 were questioned by police when they were found away from home after 11

p.m. One boy was detained as an alleged juvenile delinquent.

The rest were

reprimanded and sent home. Notes from the arresting officers were delivered to

their parents by police later this week.


setting out on their expected assignment, five officers led by Sgt. Michiyuki

Uchida made a raid on Chang’s Pool Hall in Lihu’e.

The 7:55 p.m. raid found

23 men and two women in a back room around a leather dice cup, dice and seven

dollars in cash, police said. A twenty-sixth man who was acting as a watchman

in a front room was also detained.

Many of those charged were pensioners in

their 50’s and 60’s.

… Deputy Police Chief George Crowell said two of the

suspects locked themselves in the men’s room and then climbed out through the

washroom window.

A MAN’S GAME – Four Kaua’i boys, all under 18, were

detained as alleged juvenile delinquents Saturday night when police found them

playing pool.

There is a law which prohibits minors under 18 from playing

pool or billiards in a pool hall, Deputy Chief George Crowell


KAUAI STARS – Kaua’i will be filmed and presented at Kaua’i, not

as Bali Hai or some other mythical South Seas island in the Elvis Presley

picture, “Blue Hawaii,” Gary Fiffield assured the Board of Supervisors last


Mr. Fifield appeared to explain Paramount Pictures’ requirements at

four specific locations. The company will be on Kaua’i to photograph these

scenes during the week of April 10.

Mr. Fifleid emphasized that there

was no desire to alter the natural beauty at the suggested sites. One spot to

be used is the roadside near Opaika’a Falls. The company proposes to hid the

guard railing behind foliage.

Another scene is the Anahola bay area at the

end of the road. Because of the poor condition of the road, the company wants

to smooth or fill parts of it for smooth travel of a sports car appearing in

the film

The other locations are the beach near Lydgate Park coconut grove

and the palm grove near the Temple of Refugee park overlooking the


“Blue Hawai’i”, starring Elvis Presley and Juliet Prowse, deals with

the experiences of a young travel guide.


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