Preventing road rageTo the Forum:

There’s been a lot of talk about road rage recently. Count to ten, take some

deep breaths, squeeze your little stress ball. Do whatever it takes to calm

yourself down. Very good sentiments. I agree with every one of them.


there is another side of this problem to look at. What causes these people to

become enraged? I know, they shouldn’t become enraged, no matter what the

cause. But they will, if they think they have a good reason. That’s a fact.

Wishing it were otherwise won’t change that.

There is a way to change this

situation, however: Take away their reason. No reason for them to get mad, no

more road rage.

Here are some easy ways to stop road rage.

When you are

driving on a road with two lanes going in the same direction, such as the road

by the Wailua Golf course, or any passing lane, ONLY GO IN THE LEFT LANE TO

PASS, then, when your pass is completed, get back in the right lane.


right lane is for driving, the left lane is for passing. That way those who are

in a hurry won’t be swerving back and forth from the right lane to the left

lane. They can do their passing in a nice, straight line. Much safer for

everyone and nothing for these hurriers to get upset about.


IN THE PASSING LANE AREA unless you are passing. If someone is in a hurry, and

the car in front of him is going 40 mph, and when he reaches the passing lane

that slow car speeds up to 60 mph, preventing him from passing, then that slow

car slows back down to 40 mph after the passing lane, that someone who is in a

hurry is probably going to get very upset.

So when you come to a passing

lane area, if you’re not going to pass anyone, stay in the right lane, and

just keep going the speed you were going. Simple!


SPEED LIMIT. Obviously driving at high speeds is more dangerous. But driving

too slow is very likely to cause road rage. Everyone should be able to drive

50 mph. That’s really not very fast. If you are going 40 and there is a line

of cars behind you, you are creating a dangerous situation. Probably just as

much as the guy going way too fast.

A basic rule: go with the flow of

traffic. You may think you are being safer by going slow. You are not.


we all try to follow these three rules I think we will all see a lot less road

rage out there, and our roadways will be a lot safer for all.




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