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No free lunch

To the Forum:I am against fluoridation of our public water system. This

is a terrible mistake all who live in Hawai’i will bare. To think fluoride will

be the answer for our youth dental problems is totally inaccurate. I suggest

altering the diet and oral hygiene will do wonders for the prevention of dental


I am not affiliated with any organization and therefore did my own

research for myself on fluoride.

There is controversy because of the

seriousness of adding lethal poison to a drinking water source. Relying on

someone or a system to “accurately administer the poison” to each and everyone

of us for our own good is wrong.

The research available shows quite

clearly why the controversy continues to this day.

I am not providing you

with a “free” lunch as the proponents of fluoride offer. Remember the saying

“there is no such thing as a free lunch.” Believe it in this case.

I am

asking you to do your own research, to make up your own mind. The below article

and book mentioned is a good beginning to educate yourself on fluoride. Why the

controversy? Why is fluoride not 100 percent accepted by all states and

countries? Why the objections?

“Fluoride, the Aging Factor” by Dr. John

Yiamouyiannis available through Borders Books, etc. “Celebration or Shame?

Fifty Years of Fluoridation (1945-1995)” by Richard G. Foulkes, M.D. From

“Townsend Letter” for Doctors and Patients – November 1994, Port Townsend,


Patrick McIntire



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