Seeking the truth about fluoride

In a recent letter to the forum (Facts about Fluoridation 1-28-00), Mary Jo

Sweeny referred to antifluoridation zealots and said, “If you want the facts

about fluoridation, look to reputable sources.”

My question is: Who are

her reputable sources?

I am zealous about the truth. I am a seeker of the

truth and the truth is that Sodium Fluoride is a poison that accumulates in the

body and if enough fluoride is consumed, it can lead to many degenerative


As little as .04 mg/kg of body weight per day has proven to cause

adverse health effects. Retention of 2 mg a day will produce crippling skeletal

fluorosis in one’s lifetime.

Approximately half of each day’s fluoride

intake will be retained. This is what makes it so dangerous. “The dose makes

the poison.”

All sides agree to the fact that healthy kidneys can

eliminate only about 50 percent of daily fluoride intake. The rest gets stored

in calcified tissues, like bones and teeth and other parts of the body.


National Academy of Sciences (NAS) stated in 1977 that, for the average

individual, a retention of 2 mg/day would result in crippling skeletal

fluorosis after 40 years. Considering the above mentioned intake level. It is

likely that skeletal fluorosis already affects many millions of people in the

United States,

Children, the elderly and any person with impaired kidney

function (which includes many AIDS patients), are in the high risk group for

fluoride poisoning and must be warned to monitor their fluoride intake.

Also at risk are people with immunodeficiencies, diabetes and Vitamin C

deficiencies. (At the level of .4 ppm renal, kidney, impairment has been shown)

*(Junco, L.I. Et. al, “Renal Failure and Fluorosis,” Fluorine & Dental

Health, JAMA 222:783-785, 1972.)

According to “Clinical Toxicology of

Commercial products,” 5th Edition, 1984, lead is given a toxicity rating of 3

to 4, and fluoride is rated at 4 (3=moderately toxic, 4=very toxic). On Dec.

7,1992, the new EPA Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for lead was set at .015

ppm, with a goal of .0ppm. The MCL for fluoride is currently set for 4.O ppm –

that’s over 250 times the permissible level of lead.

Fluoride used in water

fluoridation is also a toxic waste product – which means it contains other

heavy medals. It is the most bone seeking element known to mankind. The US

Public Health Service has stated that fluoride makes the bones more brittle and

dental enamel more porous.

How does fluoride get into the water? Most often

as a byproduct from the fertilizer, aluminum and other industries, who manage

to sell this toxic waste to municipalities nationwide for human consumption –

incredible, but a fact.

These are but a few of the facts about fluoride.

Ask yourself, why are the promoters of fluoridation so determined to put

fluoride in our water?

I am grateful to Mary Jo Sweeny for her letter to

the Forum because this dialog gives us all an opportunity to learn the truth

about fluoride if we choose.

Do you want poison in our water based on the

fact that Mary Jo Sweeny’s 21 year old daughter doesn’t have


Robert H. Jones



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