Veto list, for the most part, makes sense

Friday, we took a longer look at Gov. David Ige’s veto list that included Senate Bill 2407 as it relates to medical cannabis. Today we take a shorter look at some of the remaining items on his Intent to Veto list, which includes 11 measures.

Lines drawn unlikely to change on medical cannabis veto

Gov. David Ige has notified legislative leaders and key lawmakers of his Intent to Veto list, which includes 11 measures. It didn’t take long for the concerns and criticisms to begin, with threats of an override session quickly taking shape.

Hanalei’s little-known heroes in the storm

There was no shortage of heroes in the aftermath of the storm that dumped a record-breaking four feet of rain on Hanalei in April. The people on the North Shore are a rugged breed, and the spirit of being there for each other is the norm. Call it “the Aloha Spirit.” But this, which many are calling “the storm of the century,” brought out the best of that spirit, as many Hanaleians went above and beyond the call to help others.