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Here’s hoping reward leads to arrest

The stories of animal abuse are all too common. We often hear about dogs and cats, mostly, and other pets, being tortured and suffering cruel deaths at the hands of someone who doesn’t know any better and doesn’t care.

Here’s a brief history of monk seals on Kauai

Leo Ohai is now in his mid-90s. Last I heard he was living on the Mainland. In his working days, Ohai owned one of the largest, if not the largest, commercial fishing operation in all the islands. He said the first seal he saw on Kauai was in 1940 or 1941, at Koloa Lighthouse.

3 men and a lady — the mayor’s race

Up until yesterday, most residents when asked would have said it was a “three man race” for the office of Kauai mayor, if asked today, most would agree that it has now become a three man and one woman contest.

Student achievement continues to trend upward

Programs and policies designed to boost student achievement and strengthen successful transitions between high school, college and career are continuing to prove effective, according to the latest College and Career Readiness Indicators Report, just released by Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education for the Class of 2017.

Together, we can care for our ‘Beloved Kauai’

I am local-born and bred with the following credentials: educated at Kekaha and Waimea High, which enabled me to return to become a teacher here on Kauai. As such, I taught at Waimea and Kauai high schools and Kauai Community College, along with classes offered by the Kauai Senior Center and the adult education program of the Department of Education, Hawaii.