Election reflection: Our homeless neighbors

There is no silver bullet to end homelessness on Kauai. And there are a million reasons people end up without a safe, dry place to sleep! Thank God we’re in warm, sunny Hawaii, where it never rains.

Native Hawaiian culture is worth learning about

In Dean Sabado’s letter of Oct. 25 (“Why we should study Hawaiian history”), the description of the Native Hawaiian population 125 years ago needs correction. Hawaiians were not “hunter-gatherers,” which refers to subsistence lifestyles of people many thousands of years earlier (who did not live in Hawaii) who survived by finding edible plants and some hunting.

Letters for Sunday, October 28, 2018

• Mayor must make Kauai safe again • Rapozo will do a better job • Choose next mayor wisely • Move forward together • Meet Derek and Mel • Do you really know who you’re voting for? • Mayor needed who will help everyone • Step up, solve problems • Many problems to solve • Family shouldn’t influence your vote • Candidates have differnces, similarities • Mel cares for the whole island

Schleck was a treasure in many ways

As soon as Bob Schleck arrived on Kauai in 1969, he embraced the island, its history and culture, and he made preservation of these elements his lifelong passion and profession. Over his lifetime, Bob has been instrumental in preserving buildings, landscapes and significant tangible aspects of the multifaceted, multigenerational culture of Kauai.

Two powerful words: ‘Thank you’

Thank you. Those two words can go a long ways toward the respect and courtesy that Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. often refers to and has emphasized in his 10 years leading this island.