Get involved and don’t count on government

I enjoyed my friend Gary Hooser’s editorial attempt to define the U.S. political spectrum in The Garden Island the other day. I also enjoyed the annoyed responses. One of the rules of communication and general semantics is that everyone needs to agree what a word means.

Congratulations to Jeff Sacchini and his dedicated crew

Go with us on a little trip back in time. A man named Jeff Sacchini was out running from his home toward Mahaulepu. It was then, in 2007, as he admired the view on a glorious, sunrise morning, one he would never forget, he had a thought. We’ll let him tell it:

Political, Judicial, Legislative = #winning

This was a good week for the grassroots on the political front. Actually it has been a phenomenal year on many levels for the grassroots citizenry working hard to protect health and environment, and to expand and improve citizen based democracy.

A healing, satisfying, ugly duo – noni and ulu

Ooh — what is that strange-looking thing? (It looks alien.) Is it a vegetable or a fruit? What do you do with it? These are some questions we residents of Kauai get used to answering about the noni (Indian mulberry) and ulu (breadfruit) growing along roadways and in fields and gardens on our island.