Hawaii doesn’t need a Constitutional Convention

Your publication recently editorialized that a Constitutional Convention would “put power back into the hands of voters” and “sidesteps political gamesmanship.” If only. You make no mention of the enormous powerof dark money that has so infected our democracy.

Candidates, reveal stances on high rises

I like Kauai as it is and I feel that a high rise might be built on the island and that would change the uniqueness of Kauai forever. He then said, “A high rise is coming to Kauai.” I replied, “That would be terrible.” He then said, “Sorry.”

Four excellent choices for Kauai County Council

I recently had the pleasure of co-hosting a KKCR “Out Of The Box” radio show that featured a discussion among four candidates for Kauai County Council. I was genuinely impressed by each and every one of these individuals and found myself at the end of the show, hoping that each will be elected on Nov. 6.

Tax amendment not what it seems

In the annals of bait-and-switch swindles, a proposed Hawaii constitutional amendment to tax “investment real property” and use the revenue “to support public education” stands out not for its brazenness as much as for the obvious hope that voters won’t bother to read or think about it.

Red, white and blue means everyone

We need to stop the huge division of our country into red and blue. Our nation’s future is not a competition between the winning Super Bowl teams, red against blue. We are forging a path to a future that will benefit all generations, with no one left out.

Coco Palms: Time for a reality check

Amidst the sound and fury regarding the Coco Palms developers, the County of Kauai should pause and consider what it will cost and what we will lose by taking the Coco Palms property by eminent domain.