Work together to take care of this kuleana

On April 14, 2018, Kauai experienced an unprecedented 50 inches of rain within a 24-hour period. Termed “rain bomb,” the torrential rain caused many residents from Haena, Wainiha, Hanalei, Anahola, Keapana and Koloa severe flooding, resulting in significant damage.

Five steps to reduce the cost of housing on Kauai

Affordable housing can’t be defined simply by the cold efficiency of a government equation. It should mean that you can work just one full-time job and afford to own a home. It should mean that you can buy groceries, take a vacation and spend your weekends and evenings with your children without worrying about how you’re going to afford your rent or mortgage next month.

Beware of the doggy in this Year of the Dog

Dogs have been in Hawaii since the first canoes landed. Think of the dogtooth adornments on view at our museums, which may point to ilio (dogs) being both friend and food. On Kauai in Wailua, there is even a street named Haleilio, or House of the Dog. Ilio could also be used as a metaphor for clouds in oli and mele, chant and song. That much this writer knows.

There is a better way to address affordable housing

After reading the article in The Garden Island newspaper about the council’s rejection of the Charter Amendment relating to affordable housing, I felt a need to provide additional clarification on the action taken by the council on this matter.

Rescue tubes in governor’s chamber

We’ve all enjoyed seeing rescue tubes on our beaches and we’ve rejoiced in the lives that have been saved because of them and the Samaritans who have used them to rescue people in distress. However, we never expected to see them in the governor’s chambers!

Kauai must strike the right balance

Allan Parachini’s excellent opinion piece (“We need to protect Kauai’s brand before it’s too late” TGI, Sunday July 8) was a reasonable restatement of what some have been talking about for quite a while. I am hopeful that Mr. Parachini’s opinion piece will broaden the discussion.

Kauai Council brings Christmas early to Rice Street

With the passage of Bill 2687 the Kauai County Council seems poised to gift millions of dollars of increased property values to a relatively small number of owners located in Lihue along Rice Street with “no strings attached.”