Prom is a privilege; some guidelines necessary

This is a response to the recent article entitled, “Student petition opposes prom dress code.” Prom is a highly-anticipated, exciting, once-in-a-lifetime event that occurs for students at least once in their high school careers.

Stretching the miles, and a special place

Someone told me recently that they considered attending an event in the next town, but it seemed too far to drive on a cool, rainy night. We chuckled, and I realized that kind of thinking was not foreign to me, even though I know that our homeland is only about 35 miles wide from shore to shore in any direction from a bird’s eye view.

State’s lowest-paid workers lose at Legislature — again

Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz, head of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, purposely sabotaged the $15 minimum wage Bill 2291 by not scheduling a hearing this past February. This is the third year our Democratic Party-controlled Legislature has fallen short in seriously addressing Hawaii’s low-wage situation.

HB 1665 on TAT revenues would hurt Kauai

The Hawaii Council of Mayors proposed a bill in their 2018 Legislative Package, which was numbered HB 1665, to amend the amount of transient accommodations tax (TAT) revenue from a specified amount each year to a percentage of the revenues collected.

Addressing the trauma of school violence

Our deepest prayers and condolences go out to the families of Parkland, Florida. As we struggle with the grief and disbelief, we are reminded that violence can erupt anywhere, at any moment.

The realities of council service

People are often curious about the reality of serving as a member of the Kauai County Council. How much time does it take to do the work? How much does it pay? Do you really have to give up your private life in order to serve? Do you have to quit your existing employment to serve on the council? Is it really a “thankless job”?