Shuttle would help with North Shore access

Public access to Kee Beach, Haena State Beach, Kalalau hiking trail and other beautiful natural attractions on Kauai’s North Shore has been intensely discussed and debated for more than the last several years.

Kealia Mauka subdivision: Asset or assault?

The Kealia Mauka subdivision would include 230 empty lots for sale, from 5,600 to 7,300 feet square, on 53 acres on Kealia Road past the post office. If approved, agriculture land would be up-zoned to urban. The lots would be purchased by individuals or in multiples by contractors.

Long road to signing of pesticide bill

For over 11 years I have worked on this issue. I have (alongside many, many others) fought consistently against the corporate greed and injustices waged on communities and environment by multinational chemical corporations. Over the last six years my effort has been, in my own backyard, on the county and state level, where Hawaii remains an experimental research hot spot for these corporations.

So many helped with all of Fame honor

About a year and a half ago Mokihana Aquatics received a letter saying that I was nominated for the Hawaii Swimming Hall of Fame. It was the first year of eligibility for consideration for induction by having met the minimum criteria of coaching in Hawaii for more than 35 years.

Jones Act drives up everyone’s costs

In the Aloha State, we’re used to sky-high prices for groceries and fuel because of an old protectionist shipping law known as the Jones Act. But the Jones Act is not just a Hawaii problem — it’s a national problem.

Celebrating 15 years and over 200 lives

Each May, our country celebrates National Drug Court Month and the many benefits drug courts bring to our communities. This year, the Kauai Drug Court also celebrates its 15th anniversary.