Candidates need to offer specific solutions

Having read the ideas put forth by the council candidates in the recent Garden Isle newspaper article, I was struck with the lack of real, detailed solutions that were put forth by any of thecandidates.

Koloa plantation era ‘Landmarks in Time’

Places and people from the past often survive through personal memory, sites, objects, community effort or by pure chance, all of which remind one of the importance of history as the foundation of our daily lives.

The voter non-voter conundrum

I often find myself wondering how I can get the attention of the non-voter. Should I yell, or beg or attempt to shame them? Should I tell them their vote really does matter even though nothing ever seems to change? Should I tell them that all politicians are not crooked and many do truly care about the future of our community?

Island should accommodate all people

As a repeat guest on your spectacular isle, which I dearly love, I’ve written letters voicing my concerns about the need for improvements in your meeting the needs of the disabled/elderly visitors.

In politics and football, America needs to stand united

America’s second Civil War is in full bloom. The president’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, recently went out to dine at the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia with seven family members and was asked to leave because she worked for POTUS.

Time to end the convoys, open the road

Dear Mayor Carvalho, The convoys between Waikoko and Wainiha on the North Shore have gone from an initial necessity to an ongoing, unnecessary headache for those living in Haena and Wainiha. This is an avoidable situation and a waste of taxpayer money to man the convoys.