Summer: Yellow bicycle, shave ice, stay-cool days

Summer solstice once again marked the longest daylight shine of the year as June hurried toward July, and summer has truly bloomed. The thunderous rains behind us (the volcanic eruptions continuing on our “little sister” island), and the heat turned up, the following proverb stands: “Winter’s thunder makes summer’s wonder.”

Hanalei’s little-known heroes in the storm

There was no shortage of heroes in the aftermath of the storm that dumped a record-breaking four feet of rain on Hanalei in April. The people on the North Shore are a rugged breed, and the spirit of being there for each other is the norm. Call it “the Aloha Spirit.” But this, which many are calling “the storm of the century,” brought out the best of that spirit, as many Hanaleians went above and beyond the call to help others.

Change your protocol before it’s too late

The article was small, hardly noticeable in TGI (June 16, 2018) informing us about the current action of the Department of Homeland Security, namely about separating minors from their parents when they entered the United States illegally.

Shuttle would help with North Shore access

Public access to Kee Beach, Haena State Beach, Kalalau hiking trail and other beautiful natural attractions on Kauai’s North Shore has been intensely discussed and debated for more than the last several years.

Kealia Mauka subdivision: Asset or assault?

The Kealia Mauka subdivision would include 230 empty lots for sale, from 5,600 to 7,300 feet square, on 53 acres on Kealia Road past the post office. If approved, agriculture land would be up-zoned to urban. The lots would be purchased by individuals or in multiples by contractors.