Solution offered for proposed street

In response to a letter to the editor published on Feb. 25, I wish to clear up several misconceptions regarding the planned opening of Lopaka Paipa Boulevard through our community.

Deep in the forested interior of Kauai…

The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness — Hawaii state motto. The signal motif of this column is gratitude. And even with our grey, dumpy weather lately, there is still so much for which to be grateful.

Vote by mail is a win-win

Our democracy will only benefit from increased engagement, civil debate and diverse viewpoints. Shouldn’t we do everything we can to encourage this groundswell of active citizenry, by identifying and removing barriers to participation?

The direct democracy option

Not sure if others were as surprised as I was to see the 5 to 2 vote in support of moving forward a measure that if passed by voters would allow councilmembers to serve an unlimited amount of terms.

Conservation efforts paying off

On Wednesday, Feb. 28, the kumu and haumana of Ka ’Imi Na’auao o Hawai’i Nei Institute hosted a Hawaiian cultural event in Kokee to bless the spring season for several conservation agencies.

Monk seal business is a cash cow

On March 9, our newspaper TGI has reported that the monk seal population on the main Hawaiian Islands is growing, which is just part of the carefully designed public awareness campaign that the “caretakers” of the monk seals are executing.

Pothole problem a perpetual pain

After last week’s rains, the number of people on Kauai who are not aware we have a serious pothole problem has dropped to approximately 13, all of whom did not leave their homes during the last seven days.