On happy endings and new beginnings

With 2018 but a week old, we can still consider it fresh and new, even as our calendars begin to fill up with future deadlines and appointments, and leisure time plans. Old Man Time peers back over his shoulder along with the stork, and along comes the tortoise of time, moving inexorably — steadily, relentlessly.

Defendants face rough road with self-representation

The ejectment (translation: “eviction”) trial involving the two leaders of a group of mainly Native Hawaiians who have occupied the grounds of the former Coco Palms Resort in Wailua meandered through its third full day Friday.

Here’s the 2017 ocean safety year in review

We suffered 10 ocean drownings. There was also a swimming pool drowning and a river drowning. Our Ocean Safety Bureau administrators spend considerable time reviewing these on a case-by-case basis, to determine if there are lessons to be learned, trends to be addressed.

Debbie Downer and her impact on policy-making

Recently, I received an email from a friend sharing their angst as to our county government having “No leadership, no great vision for the future, little competency, and a stubborn unwillingness to change.”

Defendants to blame for Coco Palms confusion

What has caused chaos and puzzlement in the Coco Palms trial is a failure of one of the parties to understand proper legal procedure and a court’s jurisdiction. Land is unique and a right to possession often requires a quick legal method to determine possession of it.

2017 national debacle equals 2018 local responsibility

The good news is that if you work for Bank of Hawaii, First Hawaiian Bank, Central Pacific Bank or American Savings Bank you have a $1,000 bonus coming and possibly a pay raise to $15 per hour coming your way very soon.

Praising the tree of life: ‘How lovely are thy branches’

The young Norfolk pine tree in its black plastic tub seemed to be awaiting me in the entry of a local shop about five years ago. This would be no Charlie Brown tree, with its perfect shape — almost as perfectly layered even at its 4-foot stage as a kid’s representational drawing of a standard Christmas tree.

Cesspools are poisoning our island

The Hawaii Department of Health did the right thing last week when it rescinded $467,000 in federal grant money that would have upgraded as many as 75 Hanalei cesspools to far more effective backyard treatment plants.