A healing, satisfying, ugly duo – noni and ulu

Ooh — what is that strange-looking thing? (It looks alien.) Is it a vegetable or a fruit? What do you do with it? These are some questions we residents of Kauai get used to answering about the noni (Indian mulberry) and ulu (breadfruit) growing along roadways and in fields and gardens on our island.

Airbnb’s silence raises more questions

The email that dropped into my inbox late last week was innocuous enough. It announced a “webinar” on housing people displaced by disasters. But then, it turned out that the sponsor of the webinar was Airbnb.com. To me, that refocused the entire discussion.

What’s the solution to airport taxi dilemma?

This is to the lady who wrote to TGI who felt cheated by not being able to hire a cab to take her home from the airport to Lihue, because she felt that the airport taxi drivers would instead want a longer run. I couldn’t quite remember what she really said, but I know it had something to do with taxi drivers only wanting longer and not shorter runs.

Democracy comes with a price

We know more about the news than we do about democracy. Does anyone remember social studies or how our government works (when it used to work)?

The lady who would not smile

Back in the ‘60s I lived at the end of the road on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai in a small Haena gatehouse. Though Taylor Camp would soon arrive to decorate the forest with tree houses, at the time I was the only haole (Caucasian) who lived past Rose Harada’s store north of Hanalei. I drove a 1943 Jeep that I bought only because 1943 was the year I was born, and I hoped that Jeep might last as long as I might last, maybe longer (it didn’t.).

Kauai primary election re-cap

While I’m sure Council Chair Mel Rapozo will put up a valiant fight, the bookies in Chinatown are no doubt giving heavy odds in favor of Councilmember Derek Kawakami being elected Kauai’s next mayor on Nov. 6 in the general election.