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Setting the record straight on ‘Iniki

John ​Rita, Sr. recently shared his opinion of what happened with the military response to Hurricane ʻIniki on Kauai (TGI April 16). I am grateful for the opportunity to share my perspective.

Malama Kauai offers disaster relief updates

Community-based organizers across the island are stepping into leadership positions in every corner, things are getting more organized by the day, and the outpouring of support from the ohana of Kauai and across the world has been inspiring and overwhelming.

Navigating the worst-case ‘new normal’

Two announcements within a couple days of one another may have given people from Hanalei to Kee Beach — and all over the island, really — a glimmer of hope that normalcy is just around the corner.

Storm account from the heart of Wainiha

Following extremely heavy rain, lightning and thunder that raged Saturday night it’s safe to say daily life in the small, peaceful town of Wainiha soon took an unexpected turn. People living in the area say this flooding event could possibly be the worst in the last 30 years or possibly ever. Having lived in the North Shore for most of my life and being from Hanalei originally, I am simply stunned by the storm and the events that have unfolded as a result of it.

When disaster strikes people come first

Those of us not directly hit by the traumatic flooding that slammed our island this past weekend cannot possibly imagine its devastating impact. It is no exaggeration to say that the lives of many have been changed forever.

Elect a mayor who will make Kauai strong

I am writing in response to JoAnn Yukimura’s bid for mayor of Kauai. I am not surprised that she has thrown her hat in the ring but Ms. Yukimura needs to remember what she did to the people of the Westside after Hurricane Iniki. What I will share with you is not made-up stories, but facts. I worked for 42 years at the base and I seen with my own eyes and heard for myself what went on during that tragic time.

Da Shadow appreciates all the help

Many people approach me around the island at places like McDonald’s or at the grocery store with their concerns about public safety and other county-related issues on Kauai. These community members often praise me and wonder how I am able to do all of this work by myself. The short answer is, I do not do it alone.

SB3095, HD1 – A chance to protect keiki

The Hawaii state Senate is currently holding discussions about SB3095, HD1. This modest piece of legislation aims to regulate large-scale users of Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs) and protect our keiki.