Health care matters, and so does your voice

It is Republicans in the leadership, starting with Sen. Mitch McConnell, who need to be forced to realize that what they propose will throw millions of people off health insurance and do lasting damage to the economy and our social fabric.

Hawaiian heritage highlight of Kauai visit

It was my privilege both to be an attendee and a speaker at the recent “Fort Elizabeth 200 Hawaii Russia Forum” held in Kapaa which drew the authentically warm, welcoming remarks of Kauai Mayor Barnard Carvalho.

Vietnam veterans, welcome home

The lessons taught to us by the Vietnam War were difficult to swallow, but resulted in America becoming a better country and a better military.

Let’s get help for angel at bus stop

If every homeless person decided to take residence at a bus stop, what would happen? Would the county still do nothing and say their hands are tied? That’s what they say when you call and talk with them.