Lines drawn unlikely to change on medical cannabis veto

Gov. David Ige has notified legislative leaders and key lawmakers of his Intent to Veto list, which includes 11 measures. It didn’t take long for the concerns and criticisms to begin, with threats of an override session quickly taking shape.

Surveys say: Media has work to do

I have sat in two different churches and heard the pastor both criticize the media. One told the congregation the media was lying to them. He didn’t offer any specifics to back up his claim or even cite any evidence, but nonetheless, a lot of heads nodded in agreement.

Protect yourself from impostor frauds

We all get them. Those calls that come in, and we don’t recognize the number. Then, we must decide whether to answer the call just in case it actually is important, or let it go and see if they leave a voicemail. Scammers will generally not leave a message and not leave a way to contact them. Anyone who really wants to speak to you and isn’t after your money will let you know how to call back.

Let’s influence our youth for the better

We all know money is a major motivating factor in what people are willing to do. If people think there is money to be made, they’ll do, well, almost anything. There was a joke about this in the long-running TV series, “Seinfeld.” George says something to Jerry about Elaine turning down an offer of money, to which Jerry replies, “People don’t turn down money. It’s what separates us from the animals.”