Governor should sign pesticide bill

Gov. David Ige should sign the pesticide bill passed this week by the House and the Senate. Simply put, it’s time Hawaii steps up and leads the way in protecting people against any chemicals that could harm their health. Our elected leaders passed this legislation and we can trust they did their homework and took the actions they see as necessary and many believe are long overdue.

Plastics overwhelming our environment

The mid-April flood deposited plenty of debris on Kauai’s beaches. There have already been concentrated, communitywide efforts to clean up the mess, progress has been made, and work will continue in places like Lydgate Park, where driftwood and other waste fills the ponds and lines the shorelines.

Red Cross, as usual, rises to the challenge

The response to help those affected by the flooding on Kauai has been nothing short of amazing. Every day we hear stories of people going out and looking to volunteer. They clean, cook, wash, deliver, encourage — whatever is required, volunteers have been there and will continue to be there.

Kauai’s resilience will rise to the top

The devastation, as we all know by now, is staggering on the North Shore. Homes destroyed. Roads washed out and buried in landslides. Vehicles overturned. People stranded. Animals perished.

HTA fights tourism backlash

George D. Szigeti, Hawaii Tourism Authority president and CEO, has heard the critics of his agency. He’s heard them say tourism is ruining the islands, especially Kauai. He’s heard them say the HTA is not needed. He’s heard them say Hawaii doesn’t need more tourists. He’s heard them say money that goes to HTA could be used elsewhere for the benefit of the state (oh, no it can’t).

Here’s hoping reward leads to arrest

The stories of animal abuse are all too common. We often hear about dogs and cats, mostly, and other pets, being tortured and suffering cruel deaths at the hands of someone who doesn’t know any better and doesn’t care.

Student achievement continues to trend upward

Programs and policies designed to boost student achievement and strengthen successful transitions between high school, college and career are continuing to prove effective, according to the latest College and Career Readiness Indicators Report, just released by Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education for the Class of 2017.