If drones can help marine life, use them

Drones can be annoying. Who wants to see a drone buzzing above your head at a community event or when you’re enjoying a nice day at the beach? But those drones can also help save lives — human and our friends in the ocean.

‘Death with dignity’ can come without medication

Supporters are saying House Bill 2739 provides more protections for terminally ill patients than any other state. You’ll have to decide for yourself if that’s a good thing. The state House Health and Human Services Committee and Judiciary Committee on Wednesday passed the “Our Care, Our Choice Act.”

Lessons learned about Hawaii’s classroom

Some are not wild about welcoming too many tourists to Hawaii. And some are not keen on more Mainland transplants moving here. But students who come to Hawaii are greeted with outstretched arms. That’s a good thing, because these students are having an impact on the Aloha State that is undeniably positive.

Good news is always welcome

We all like good news. It’s nice to read about the good things people do and nice to recognize folks when they do well. It’s wonderful when we learn that things are going well. Gloomy projections can make us weary and worried.

Here’s what leadership is about

Former Kauai Senator and County Councilmember Gary Hooser has been writing a weekly column for The Garden Island for the past year. He offers great insight into government operations and functions and we’re glad tohave him on the Forum page.

Getting harder to believe what we’re told

Is it real or is it fake? What do we believe any more? We hate to keep on this subject of the false missile alert for fear it will appear we’re picking on Gov. David Ige and his administration, but just when it seems we have the straight story, it changes.