Newspapers shouldn’t fret over what Trump says about them

A few people asked me if The Garden Island planned to participate in the coordinated effort for newspapers across the country to publish editorials in defense of free press on Thursday. The reason being, to fight back against President Donald Trump’s criticism of the media and his continual use of “fake news” in reaction to stories he believes are wrong, biased and, sometimes, he just doesn’t like.

Mahalo candidates, voters; on to the general election

The primary election is all over but for the shouting. By now, we know who will be moving on to November’s general election. The top two in the mayor’s race, the top 14 in the council race, and candidates for the state Legislature, governor’s office, lieutenant governor’s office and Congress, have all been settled on the sides of Democrats and Republicans and other parties.

Endorsements? Not from TGI — except for one

The other day, a friend was questioning me about whether The Garden Island planned to endorse any candidates for public office. No, I said, we haven’t endorsed candidates since I came here five and a half years ago and we don’t plan to start endorsing any candidates now.

Love, aloha help overcome theft of boots

Who knew a story about the theft of a pair of cowboy boots would generate such an overwhelming response? M. Martin didn’t, and she’s the one who recently shared the story with TGI’s readers.

Mahalo to Ishihara family for everything

Today, the Ishihara family is closing Ishihara Market in Waimea. And for that, we and many others are sorry. This family, this store, has for so long, try eight decades, been a staple of the Westside. It’s hard to imagine life with them.

One fine mess, indeed, that we don’t need

We often receive letters and notes from readers pointing out something. It might be an upcoming event, it might be something that happened in their neighborhood, it might be a good deed at a business, and it might be a voice of concern about something they see as a problem that needs fixing.

The Best of Kauai is up to you

We have three words for you: Cast Your Vote. No, this is not about who’s running for public office or a tax proposal on the ballot. This is about something far more important: The Best of Kauai.

Veto list, for the most part, makes sense

Friday, we took a longer look at Gov. David Ige’s veto list that included Senate Bill 2407 as it relates to medical cannabis. Today we take a shorter look at some of the remaining items on his Intent to Veto list, which includes 11 measures.