76 years later, we remember Pearl Harbor

Today is the 76th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. It’s been a quiet anniversary, unlike last year’s ceremonies to mark that it has been 75 years since Dec. 7, 1941, when Japan attacked the U.S. Naval base on Oahu

Proposed increases in salaries, taxes a quandary

Tax-paying citizens may want to attend the meeting, 8 a.m. Wednesday, Historic County Building, to share their input, since this is, after all, your money. If you believe your government leaders deserve more money, wonderful. If not, it may happen anyway.

Island Air should take care of its own

No comment is not a good response from Island Air CEO David Uchiyama after a bankruptcy court hearing. Island Air’s former employees deserve better.

Mayor Carvalho wise to seek Lt. Gov. post

The talk was that Kauai’s Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. was going to run for governor of Hawaii. Nearly everyone was convinced our mayor was going to seek the state’s highest elected seat since he would be termed out next year.

Acting group finds new theater

The first opening production will be “The Plight Before Christmas” adapted by Fred Cusick and Diane Moore. The old-fashioned drama is loosely based on characters from Charles Dickens’Christmas Carol.