Talk Story: Jess Jensen

During his younger days, Jess Jensen was more invested in football than wrestling. Now he gives a lot of his time to wrestling.

Talking Story with Isaiah Alvarez

Isaiah Alvarez graduated in 2013 from Kauai High School and is now based in Los Angeles, up to his elbows in the film industry and building up a career by working cameras and other jobs on sets around the world.

Talk Story: Kahanu Tsukiyama

Musician Kahanu Tsukiyama was born on Oahu and moved to Kauai at the age 18 when offered a job at Wailua River on the Fern Grotto boat tour nearly 42 years ago.

Talk Story with Rachel Lasky

If there’s one thing that’s been a constant in Rachel Lasky’s life, it’s music. At a young age, Lasky began studying viola, piano and voice, and even attended a performing arts high school for a year in Australia, where she’s a dual citizen.

Talk Story: Charles Woolfork

If you’ve been to an Island School game this past year, you’ve more than likely heard a distinct voice from the stands cheering on the Voyagers. Sometimes, you’ll hear a loud and elongated “Yeah!” Sometimes, you’ll hear a chant to cheer an individual, e.g., “Reece the Beast!” That is the voice of school Athletic Director Charles Woolfork. The Cincinnati native is in his first year as a teacher and AD at Island School.

Talk story with Heather Lee

Undertones of conservation conversation are rumbling through the halls of Kauai Community College, as the traditional April 20 Earth Day has been expanded into a month-long event. Heather Lee, a student from Wailua who is set to graduate in May, will speak on her recent work with Geographic Information System mapping technology (GIS) to study pueo, or the Hawaiian short-eared owl.

Talk Story with Bill Bryner

Kauai swing trombonist Bill Bryner has been playing music for more than eight decades. During that time he has been a student, teacher, cavalry rider, radio operator, weather observer, engineer, computer programmer and an inspiration to all.

Talk Story with Mary Lardizabal

Kapaa Middle School music teacher Mary Lardizabal got help from Loke Sasil to lead the Kapaa Middle School Choir and Ukulele Band to a double gold award showing at the WorldStrides Music Festival in Anaheim, California, during spring break.

Talk Story with Joshua Wagner

The first time Waimea resident Joshua Wagner heard the adhan, the Muslim call to prayer, he knew Islam was the right path for him.