Program makes it easy to borrow medical equipment

Cecilia Caldwell was seated under the shade of the kamani tree at the All Saints’ Gym Monday afternoon, a cane propped against her knee. “Ironically, I have a strained tendon,” Caldwell said. “My husband Bill said we have four canes, and I should use one.”

Feeling stuck?

This week, I want to touch on one of the most common and disappointing feelings anyone can have when pursuing changes in weight, physical fitness, body composition or improving their quality of life.

Happy Camper for Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Kudos are in order for John Baroni and John Copeland of the Sons of Kauai, Donna Copeland and Donna Nunes, who made an 11th-hour motorcycle toy run to get some last-minutes toys for needy children Sunday, and to Mike Pierce of Chicken in A Barrel for hosting free Christmas dinner for all comers Monday.

• Births for Monday, December 25, 2017

• Adonis Jaime • Alia Nozomi Harrington • Kilinoe Kealohapumehanaoku‘umomimakamae Rapozo • Spencer Caleb Nava Lopez • Olivia Anne Ballard • Kaiolohia Gage Ho • Luna Ella Amblard • Mylah Malie Kananiokaehukai Melendez • Grace Lee Kamanaolanaamekalokomaikaiokahaku Kelley • Janzen Aaron Tio Santiago • Awahi Ponoi Nalu Jada Babila • Elijah Zion Del Angel • Ke‘ohu Maulukua Kiwini Carlos • Caylee-Joyce Sachiko Keikilani Sagucio • Kaylee Cory Davenport • Kekai Keoni-Apaka Ke Ali‘i Maika‘i O Kamalu I Ko‘u Makana Makamae Mai Kalani

Happy Camper for Monday, December 25, 2017

What a flurry of activity taking place during the weekend leading to Christmas, as kudos go out to Big Kmart Manager Anthony Florick and Kauai Police Department Chief Darryl Perry, who hosted the annual Shop With A Cop (nice to see Gini Kapali out and about, and mahalo, Bobby Thompson, for that cell phone thingie).

Happy Camper for Sunday, December 24, 2017

Theresa Monro is a light parade all by herself as she drives her 2012 Nissan Leaf around town. Theresa has more than 2,000 LED holiday lights (she said she bought out the Ace Hardware stock) fastened with painter’s tape in a way that all the doors and hatch operates normally.

Bum-woo leaves, Jong-sam cuts a deal

Taeyang of Big Bang, engaged to actress Min Hyo-rin, is expected to marry in February before he enlists in the military. The Conscription Law in South Korea applies to all males between 18 and 35. Service in the military differs depending on which military branch, ranging from 21 months in the Army to 24 months in the Air Force.