All you need to know about fructose!

I’ve written many times about added sugar, but what about consuming fruits, and the fructose that they contain? Are fruits considered to be added sugar? The good news is that they are not — except for smoothies and processed fruit juice. But let’s look at what exactly fructose is.

Happy Camper for Monday, September 3, 2018

Congratulations to Terry-Ann Moses, Dave Jordan (didn’t anyone tell you you can’t retire?), Jack Yatsko and all of the members of Friendship House, and community volunteers (County Council Chair Mel Rapozo — County Councilmember Derek Kawakami was doing his thing with Jeff Sacchini and the Kauai Marathon and missed the football game because he had trash duty) on a great 30th anniversary celebration!

Happy Camper for Sunday, Sept. 2, 2018

The Rev. Wesley Elmore said the Labor Day Breakfast Monday is the 40th one being hosted by Lihue United Church (they’re right behind King Auto Center), and he’s going to make it because it’s after today’s Kauai Marathon, which Elmore is running. He is a former pastor of the church.

Talk Story with Dolly Kanekuni

On most days you’ll find Dolly Kanekuni with an ever-present smile, in her studio behind a yellow door and up a long flight of stairs, waiting to greet her steady flow of students and get to work.

Edward Joesting, the Author of “Kauai: The Separate Kingdom”

Born in Minnesota and educated at Pomona College, California, Hawaii bank executive Edward Joesting (1925-1986) was the author of the book “Kauai: The Separate Kingdom,” published in 1984 – a history of Kauai encompassing the time of pre-Western contact through to the end of the Hawaiian Monarchy in 1893.

Births for Sunday, September 2, 2018

• Kaikela Kiyoshi Souza • Chloe Kailani Cadiente • Aiyana Joyce Ingram • Hazel Lynn Ingram • Lillian Joy Ramos Andres • Khulture Ku‘ikahi Batol • Maddox Michael Finazzo-Krueger • Makenna Lynn Mai Makana O Na Pu‘uwai Wong-Sanay

Happy Camper for Friday, August 31, 2018

Larry Rivera couldn’t resist digging out his ukulele and sound system from his Honda as he spied Kauai Police Department Sgts. Clyde Caires, Lance Okasaki and John Mullineux, and Kauai Fire Department Firefighters Jason Poloa and Abraham Moore, on top of the rooftop at the Walmart store Friday for the Cop on Top fundraising campaign that benefits Kauai Special Olympics (Coach Tamarine Carvalho said she could do the half marathon).

​Kids, school and physical fitness

Here we are coming to the end of summer and back to school reminders are everywhere. Now it would be nice to think that the summer months had a large volume of exercise for our children. In some cases this is true, but often summer means more time for kids to watch TV or play video games.