Kauai’s first official bicycle race

Kauai’s first official bicycle race took place on the morning of July 4, 1927, starting at the Koloa side of the Hanapepe Bridge on Hanapepe Road, and finishing at the Makaweli baseball field, a distance of approximately four miles.

Kalaheo Vocational School Principal Frank S. Pugh

Born and educated in England, Frank S. Pugh (1886-1949) arrived on Kauai in 1921 to become the industrial supervisor of Kauai schools, and in 1923 was appointed principal of Kalaheo School, where he was largely responsible for the construction of a manual training shop in that same year.

German Immigrants William & Louisa Kruse Of Kauai

In May 1883, German immigrants Mr. William Kruse (1856-1936) and Mrs. Louisa Kruse (1857-1925), with their three children, debarked from the steamer Ehrenfel at Koloa Landing with a number of other German immigrant families following a five month voyage from Germany.

Kahukini’s Koloa secret treasure cave

At Koloa, Kauai, during the 1800s, there lived a very energetic and shrewd Native Hawaiian businessman by the name of Kahukini (early 1800s-1883), whose 20-acre property was located very close to St. Raphael Catholic Church, founded in 1841 by Irish-born Fr. Arsenius Walsh (1804-1869).

Collecting trash at McBryde Sugar Co.

My introduction to McBryde Sugar Co. (1899-1996) came in 1971, when I was residing with my wife, Ginger, and our children, Michelle and Brett, in the old camp house of Ginger’s grandparents, Rita and Agapito Sadang, at Kapaa Stable Camp on Kaapuni Road.

Puerto Rican sugar contract laborers arrive in Hawaii

The first contingent of immigrant Puerto Rican sugar contract laborers – 56 in number – arrived in Honolulu aboard the S.S. City of Rio de Janeiro on Dec. 23, 1900, and were sent to Lahaina, Maui on the steamer Lehua to work at Pioneer Mill Company.

The construction of the Wainiha Powerline

On Jan. 1, 1905, the original Kauai Electric Company — a subsidiary of McBryde Sugar Company — was incorporated for the purpose of using the water of Wainiha Stream to generate electric power for McBryde, located some 34 miles away with its main office at Numila.