Kauai’s Mana Camp

Mana Camp, a now vanished but once thriving sugar plantation community, was located just off the Waimea side of Kaumualii Highway about midway between the Pacific Missile Range Facility on the west and Kamokala Ridge to the east. There are

The Wailua Golf Course mine

On July 22, 1947, Mrs. Alice Mukai, an employee of Kauai’s Wailua Golf Course, spotted a suspicious-looking, large dark object resting atop the reef about 200 feet offshore of the golf course and immediately phoned the Kauai Police Department. What

The Honorable Fred H. Hayselden At Makaweli, Kauai

Throughout the summer of 1913, the Hon. Fred H. Hayselden (1851-1924) — who had once enjoyed the company of Hawaiian royalty and other distinguished personages during the reigns of King David Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani — could be found working

Olokele Sugar Co.’s 1959 Vegetable and Flower Show

On Sunday afternoon, April 19, 1959, residents from all over Kauai, along with groups of tourists, formed a continual flow of traffic into Kaumakani Village to attend the 16th annual Olokele Sugar Co. Vegetable and Flower Show. A bounty of

The first Spanish sugar contract laborers arrive on Kauai

On April 26, 1907, the British steamship “SS Heliopolis,” originating from Malaga Province, Spain, arrived at Honolulu Harbor with 2,246 Andalusian Spanish immigrants aboard, destined for settlement at sugar plantations located throughout Hawaii. The 608 men among them were the

Detective McDuffie’s wild goose chase

Soon after “SS Matsonia” docked at Honolulu Harbor on Tuesday morning, Aug. 17, 1915, following its voyage from San Francisco, its officers advised the Honolulu Police Department that they had just learned via telegraph from San Francisco that Frank Tracy

Grove Farm Museum has Hawaii’s last Fowler steam plow

• Grove Farm Museum has Hawaii’s last Fowler steam plow Kauai’s Grove Farm Museum possesses the only remaining Fowler steam plow in Hawaii — Fowler Steam Plow No. 11232 — which was originally the property of the Big Island’s Honokaa Sugar

The Kilauea Sugar Plantation Company railroad

Kilauea Sugar Plantation Co., which was in operation at Kilauea, Kauai, from 1880 to 1971, was the first of several Kauai sugar plantations to build and operate railroads to replace draught animals hauling sugarcane from its fields to its mill.

Colonel Meng’s Palmyra Copra Enterprise

In 1920, Kauai resident and retired British Army Colonel William Meng secured a five-year lease from Palmyra Atoll owner Henry Cooper of Honolulu to produce copra from the approximately 20,000 coconut trees then growing on the uninhabited atoll. The Palmyra

The Garden Island newspaper’s first edition

The first edition of The Garden Island newspaper was printed in January 1902 at Kapaia, Kauai, by Japanese immigrant Sometaro Sheba (1870-1946) — the paper’s founder and its first publisher and editor — in two language editions, English and Japanese.